Getting kicked from online servers. HELP

Hi, recently I've been experiencing a problem with Raceroom. Whenever I join a lobby either I get in and then when people join, my screen freezes and I am returned to the menu. If I join a lobby with more than 7 players, my game loads and as I go to drive it freezes and then I am returned to the menu. I have tried a fresh install of the game, rebooting my router etc. and still no joy. I can play any other sim with large groups with no problems and my internet speed is 50mbs and 15 ping. Can anyone help or have they had the same issue. Thanks


RMG Motorsports
Is your PC connected to your router via cable or wireless? R3E has a system which kicks people with high ping from the servers, and it can't be switched off. The max it can be set to is 500 which is massive, but apparently all it takes is a momentary lag spike (unnoticeable to the end-user) taking your ping to this number and you'll be booted. Being on a cable will help prevent this.
I'm on a wired connection, I've reset my router, changed cables for new ones. It has only started to happen the last couple of month and nothing has changed set up wise. Its got be beat haha