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    To all WC drivers and team managers,

    In producing the WC highlight videos, I have the difficult task of covering an hour and a half long race with 26 drivers and 13 teams in under a 10 minute video. Going through such a long replay, even with the aid of a lap chart, is quite daunting, and it is very easy for me to miss important events, such as a driver coming off the track or making a crucial overtake. It isn't easy to keep track of so many drivers over 50+ laps.

    One thing that makes my job much easier AND makes the video more accurate, is when drivers fill out their GPCOS comments section in detail.

    Drivers who make undetailed comments (e.g. "Nothing much to say, had an awful race, looking forward to next round") are far less likely to get coverage in the highlights.

    It can take up to 4 hours to go through the replay in detail, all I'm asking for is 5 minutes from the drivers to write out helpful GPCOS comments that make my job much simpler.

    Simon Adebisi
    FSR Multimedia Director
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