Germany: FTS fails to break the curse at the Nurburgring

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    Faster Than Speed endured another difficult German weekend at the Nurburgring circuit, with Patrick De Wit's first-lap retirement causing FTS to leave empty-handed.

    Germany is clearly not a lucky territory for the team, as it hasn't scored any World Championship points at either the Nurburgring or Hockenheim venues since 2007.

    In the World Championship, Patrick De Wit set the 9th fastest time with a strong lap in Q1, despite struggling with a back injury which also hampered his preparations for the event. In the Q2 session, he secured 10th on the grid.

    Patrick made a good start, but inmediately lost everything he had gained as he had to take avoiding actions not to run into an ATR-Silverline car who had spun across the racing line before Turn 1. Despite losing a few positions, Patrick managed to avoid a colission. However, drama would happen only a few corners later. As Patrick slid off in Turn 4, he tried to correct his car to avoid spinning, but caught Jack Keithley out in the process. Keithley had nowhere to go and collected Patrick. The unfortunate colission broke Patrick's rear wing before they both hit the barriers and retired from the race.

    Patrick De Wit (DNF): "I was really surprised to reach Q2 after not testing on Sunday (due to the back injury). Then, at the start of the race, somebody lost control in Turn 1 and I had to take avoiding actions, losing several places. Exiting Turn 4, I lost control of my own car, Keithley was close behind and we both collided into the barriers. I'm sorry for this since it ended both our races. I will hopefully have better luck in Hungary."

    In the World Series division, Giuseppe Marconi drove a solid race, showing good pace. He was on his way to 9th position when a disconnection unfortunately ended his race with only 15 laps remaining.

    Faster Than Speed will be looking forward to finding better luck at this weekend's back-to-back race at the twisty Hungaroring circuit. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news and live coverage from Hungary!

    Exclusive pictures and videos available in our Facebook page! Also, don't miss our live Twitter (@FTS_Racing) coverage of the WC races!

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