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  1. Veselko Lakobrija

    Veselko Lakobrija

    Hey all drivers

    Pretty new to this forum so here are some impressions of mine. I kinda stumbled in here while looking for some info regarding F1 2011. Cool forum, when help is needed there is someone knowing how to help. Same goes for always get an answer. Haven´t seen any flamers here, yet. Overall nice, helpfull and knowledgable (<-- is that an english word?) community. There are a few questions though which popped up after browsing this forum on almost daily basis:
    1. Is there anybody on this forum who is in contact with somebody responsible at Codemasters? Thinking mostly of the bugs and glitches people found (found one myself but thats for another post). Forward the info to responsible party.
    Seen more then a few vids people made, but those are links to you tube so...
    2. Is that the only way to upload the video or can it be done directly on this forum? Have a replay of my own regarding how NOT to drive in Canada :tongue:
    3. Regarding the 1st question, if answer is "yes" would there be anybody who´d bear the burden of summorising all the glitches in one post with short description? This is a job for a few rather then one person :eek: . Codemasters do seem to have a ton of work just fixing the biggest stuff...

    Sry if this is posted in wrong part of forum. Feel free to move it where it belongs.
  2. John Robertson

    John Robertson

    I read this earlier but I figured someone else might be able to answer it better, I see no one has, so here's my shot.

    As far as question 1 goes, I don't have any idea but I think that best way to report bugs to CM at the moment is through CM's bug reporting thread. It's fairly thorough and should help them out a lot with being able to reproduce bugs (and fix them) so give as much info as you can to that thread, because it IS being looked at by CM devs and testers.

    question 2, you'll have to upload your video to a video hosting site like youtube. and then post the URL in your thread. if you don't have a google account you can't use youtube now, which seriously annoyed me. but I bit the bullet seeing as how my hotmail account was overrun with spam and made a new gmail account.

    there's other options out there for video uploading though, so I'm sure you can figure something out.

    and question 3, as dedicated as some people on this forum are, I think we all have day jobs, and compiling a list of all the known bugs from F1 2011, along with causes and descriptions, would take forever. Not saying that no one will do it, but like I've said earlier, CM already have a list of all the alleged bugs on their forum, along with descriptions of how to reproduce them. so any new bugs you find would best be reported there.

    Also, Knowledgeable is a word, but you have to just put the word "able" behind the word "knowledge" xD

    Hope this helps! and thanks for the kind words!