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GeneRally (Free Game)

GeneRally (Free Game) 1.2d

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Kris Leeten

Nov 17, 2007
Really nice game if you have 2 minutes spare time. Some really cool track layouts

Reminds me of RD Retrovolutions....
Aug 27, 2007
Welcome to the GeneRally section!

Hi all!

Decided to start up this forum section now that the home of GeneRally, RSC, is down. If any of you regular GR users are around then feel free to make this your new home.
Also, if you are in contact with GR useres that are not present at RD make them aware of this place.

Thanks for reading and welcome :)
Jan 18, 2009
Thanks for reminding me about GeneRally

I had totally forgotten about this game. Thanks for reminding me:) This is perfect for my laptop:thumbsup:
Jan 20, 2009
Generally Rookie Championship : Season 14 [Login][Race]

Generally Rookie Championship

"let rookies have their say"
GRC sub-site in GRO website

Well, atm, there a no dedicated forum for GR compos, but be sure it will be moved there when it will be done

OK, OK, OK... now we have two international forums, I have to re-make all compos threads as we lost everything with RSC's death (of course there are this mirror thingy project, but atm, we have nothing and the show must go on).

So, let's get started : GRC, or Generally Rookie Championship is a competition reserved for "Rookies", or more precisly to "Bronze" and "Silver" classes according to GRO rules, ie. rookies and also more experienced "amateur" drivers. So, all the good drivers are not permitted to race there, which makes GRC an ideal entry-level formula to all GR newcomers.

So, the current situation is : We are currently in the 14th season, and we already raced 3 rounds, of course, due to RSC downtime, the attendance was not excellent, as we were only 10 to race Round 3, but chance makes that the new forums are coming during the Christmas break, meaning that there will be no rounds during 2 weeks, so that's the ideal moment to join if you missed the first rounds !


So here's the calendar :
  • Netton Park : From 3/12/2009 to 9/12/2009 (Round over : Results)
  • Hakulin Ring : From 10/12/2009 to 16/12/2009 (Round over : Results)
  • Orallio Park : From 17/12/2009 to 23/12/2009 (Round over : Results)
  • Yas Marina South : From 7/01/2010 to 13/01/2010
  • Lobo City Street Course : From 14/01/2010 to 21/01/2010
  • Masters of Dicrette : From 22/01/2010 to 28/01/2010 (/!\ 25 km race /!\)

You can check the complete calendar and also the current standings and results here

So, how do we play ?

Well, as Generally is not a online multiplayer game, everybody have to play offline. But to simulate "real racing", we set up a system : The login system.

It seems quite complicated, but it is not that complicated, in theory, we could summarize this method into 3 steps :

  1. You login on the website (you'll find the GRC login link here)
  2. You make the race of your life ;)
  3. You send required files to grrookiechamp@gmail.com

But for more details, a simplified version of rules is available on post #2 of this thread

OK, how do we join ?

It's very easy actually, you just need to reply to this thread or send an email to grrookiechamp@gmail.com and give the following informations :

  • Your nickname (preferably RSC Nickname if you were there)
  • Your email address (to send your login informations which are valid for every GRO competition)
  • Your nationality

But you can also sign up teams, as many drivers as you want, the only condition is to be at least 2 drivers, so basically, I need to know :

  • The name of your team
  • The drivers of your team

Here is the current entry list :
If you can't see updated entry list, press F5

What files do we need ?

All files you need are available in this pack, actually it is a special GR copy for GRC, with tracks, cars, AIs, options, etc. well all you need for GRC.

Download GRC pack (1,5 Mo)

Good luck !
Jan 20, 2009
GRC : Short version of rules


This is the short version of rules, to consult full version of rules, go to the GRC sporting rules page in GRO website

Teams & Drivers

To sign up, just reply here or send an email to grrookiechamp@gmail.com with required informations Drivers may also enter teams as long there are at least 2 registered drivers, there are no maximal limit, however, only the 2 best drivers each round will score points for their teams, other drivers and privateer drivers (= no team) will be ignored (see "points & standings") sign up informations are available on the first post.

Settings and races

Each season, we will have 5 "regular" rounds and 1 "masters" round (since s13, normally the masters are the last round of the season) Here's the settings for "regular" rounds :
  • Race length : 10 km
  • Tyre wear : 12%
  • Fuel consumption : 10%
  • Fuel mass : 50 kg
  • Damages : 15%
Here's the settings for "masters" rounds :
  • Race length : 25 km
  • Tyre wear : 8%
  • Fuel consumption : 7%
  • Fuel mass : 50 kg
  • Damages : 15%

Moreover, drivers must use these settings in any circumstances :
  • Effects : 100%
  • Game speed : 100%

You must race with the "FR/13" car you'll find on the GRC pack. You must also race against 3 AIs : I_Rookie_1, AI_Rookie_2 and AI_Rookie_3 which are available on the GRC pack, you must not modify them. All GRO events use the "login system", meaning that you must login, race, and send files of your attempt to be counted on results, here's exactly how to do step by step :
  1. When you ready to race, check your settings, go here and click on the link below, type your login and your password
  2. Then, download the .zip file and extract it to the GRC GR copy main folder
  3. Start your GRC GR copy.
  4. Select the track you've just downloaded, select your driver (IN FIRST), and then the 3 AIs. Start the race
  5. Before that the race start, you can save your game and modify starting grid thanks to Savegame reader
  6. When you have finished your only attempt (when the results appears), take a screenshot with F11 and save your game
  7. .zip your files (I need only .bmp and .gam, no .trk) and send them to grrookiechamp@gmail.com
  8. Wait for the results ^^
You must login here to race for GRC.

Points & standings
There are 4 standings in GRC :
  • Drivers standings : which crowns GRC champion
  • Teams standings : which crowns GRC Team champion, only the 2 best drivers each round will be score points for their teams, other team drivers and privateer will be ignored.
  • Junior standings : which crowns GRC Junior champion, reserved to "Bronze" class drivers
  • Nations standings : which crowns GRC Nation champion, with a specific points system
For regular races, points will be distributed as follows
  • 1st place : 22 points
  • 2nd place : 20 points
  • 3rd place : 18 points
  • 4th place : 16 points
  • 5th place : 15 points
  • 6th place : 14 points
  • 7th place : 13 points
  • 8th place : 12 points
  • 9th place : 11 points
  • 10th place : 10 points
  • 11th place : 9 points
  • 12th place : 8 points
  • 13th place : 7 points
  • 14th place : 6 points
  • 15th place : 5 points
  • 16th place : 4 points
  • 17th place : 3 points
  • 18th place : 2 points
  • Beyond 18th place : 1 point
  • Fastest lap : 1 point
For masters races, points will be doubled, meaning that winner will score 44 points, second 40 points and so on... For nations standings, we will use a specific system :
  • Winning driver : 3 points
  • Driver in top 5 : 2,5 points
  • Driver in top 10 : 2 points
  • Driver in top 18 : 1,5 points
  • Driver beyond top 18 : 1 point

Resi Respati

Oct 23, 2008
Nice info JTarJ :D

I'll try to join now :) I hope we can form an RD Team as well :)

EDIT: I hope you can host an RD Local league aswell :p

Your nickname: resir014
Your email address: resir014@gmail.com
Your nationality: Indonesian

Resi Respati

Oct 23, 2008
RaceDepartment.com GeneRally Team

Thanks to JTarJ for introducing us to the prestigious GeneRally Racing Organization. Now I will ask the RD guys if you would like to form an RD team for GRO. What do you think? :D

RaceDepartment.com GeneRally Team (Official Thread)

Official Team Name RaceDepartment.com
Racing Series GeneRally Rookie Championship (GRC)
Current Team Members (with GR nicknames)
1. Resi Respati (resir014) [GRC/Bronze][GeneRally Atlantic Champ]
2. Kris Leeten (Kris) [GRC/Bronze]
3. Omer Said (Omer) [GRC/Bronze]

Note that we are looking for some spare members for more tournaments as well.

How to Join?
Post your GeneRally nickname here if you would like to apply. These nicknames will be used for all of our GeneRally Tournaments.

Currently we are joining the GeneRally Rookie Championship (GRC) part of the GeneRally Racing Organization (GRO) racing leagues.

<< Click here to go to the GRO Website >>

- Official Team Name is the name of the team that will come up on the official racing league sites
- We are still looking for more spare members as well :)

Resi "resir014" Respati
Founder of the RaceDepartment.com GRO Team

Kris Leeten

Nov 17, 2007
Hi Resi, I think I wanna join your team. Just downloading GR + files and having a look atm.
GRO nick: (can't remember my RSC nick and can't check anymore) is 'Kris' ok?

Resi Respati

Oct 23, 2008
RSC is different from GRO. See this thread for details on how to register to GRO Racing Leagues (in this case, GRC).

Or you can visit the official site of GRO here.

Anyway, you're signed up. All you need to do is to signup on the GRO site now :)