General setup change for rain?


Oct 11, 2011

Assume you have found the best setup for dry condition. Are there any general hints for how to set up car for rain? I guess it's a good idea to increase front and rear wing angle to create higher downforce. Is there anything else?
Nov 24, 2010
Hello to our F1 Community,

After years of playing Formula 1 games (and preferring simulation rather than arcade type racing) I've found the following to be helpful when changing from a dry setup to a wet setup. It's a guideline and is useful in almost every case. Naturally you may find it better to make small adjustments to this according to your driving style, any racing aids, steering wheel, gamepad or other personal preferences.

I'm glad to help. Hopefully you find something helpful for you.
"See you at the finish line!" :-D

General Rules: (feel free to add, change or comment)
Converting Dry Setups to Wet Setups:

Load/use your dry setup, then...
~ Add +2 to both Front and Rear Wing
~ Adjust Brake Bias to the Rear by about +3 (clicks)
~ Adjust Brake Pressure Down (1 click) (If High, then Medium, if Medium, then Low, etc)
~ Change Brake Size (1 click) (If Small, then Medium, if Medium, then Large, etc)
~ Adjust Anti-Roll Bars +2 Softer, both Front and Rear
~ Adjust Springs +2 Softer, Front and Rear
~ Adjust Ride Height +2 or +3 Higher, Front and Rear
~ Adjust Gear Ratios -- Top Two Gears: Top Gear -2 Lower, Second Highest Gear -1 Lower
[Gear Ratios are already set in F1 2014, but this info is still helpful for other games. :) ]
~ Adjust Throttle-Setting/Torque Down by at least "one setting", If Throttle is set to Fast/High, then adjust to Medium, if Medium, then adjust to Low/Cruise. You want the least amount of torque so your wheels will give traction and not continue spinning all the time.
~ Adjust Camber -1 or -2 both Front and Rear (You want the angle-of-tilt of all your wheels to be more vertical/upright which allows more rubber to make contact with the track.)

Well, it might seem like a lot to remember, and sometimes I even forget to make certain changes only to find out during a race that I forgot. *quiet laugh*
These are guidelines... for me when I'm racing... so they may not suit everyone. What I'm sure about is that these guidelines will be helpful for anyone who dreads wet conditions. Ayrton Senna knew how to get the most from a car on wet surfaces, and now at least you'll have greater confidence in your car on wet surfaces too. :)

Have fun and...
"See you at the finish line"

~ NorthernSanta

*Made a couple of edits for spelling and grammatical.
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