Tracks Gemello 1.00

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carTOON submitted a new resource:

Gemello - Gemello track mod for GT Legends by barcika.

Gemello GTL v1.00
created by barcika
Location = Gemello, Italy

5 route options
STRADA A - 2.809 miles/ 4.522 km
STRADA A REVERSE - 2.809 miles/ 4.522 km
STRADA B - 2.678 miles/ 4.310 km
STRADA C - 1.539 miles/ 2.477 km
STRADA D - 3.687 miles/ 5.934 km

Grid = 36


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As I said in the review I like this track a lot. There is only one very minor problem - well it's not even a real problem. There are some "sparkling" textures - trees and other.
Is there a way to reduce the sparkling? In my PLR file I have MIP Mapping="1" , but looks like mip mapping doesn't work on this track.