Gearbox Failure


Sep 26, 2014
Hi to all fellow racers, i started having this problem when i joined mercedes (previous seasons; lotus than midseason ferrari, than ferrari to season 4 if this matters idk) in career season 4 the problem is (50% distance) in around 5 to 2 laps to the end of a race my car sort of "explodes" it shakes for a second and my gearbox is skipping a gear, sometimes from 5 to 7, sometimes from 4 to 6 etc. im using automatic gearbox and i tried manually but its like a failure and it skips also... and that happens in every race, and i decided to make another profile to see if goes away, but its still there every race, the glitch or the teams gearbox failure btw i started with ferrari since i have true to life ai mod with top teams available on the start of career, so yeah... thanks :D aand is there any possibility of changin the points system? thanks for that also if its possible :D
Sep 19, 2014
I can't think of anything. I'm fairly new to the game (34hrs) and haven't had this issue. Maybe try removing all mods to see if that helps?


Apr 30, 2011
It's one of the features of the True to Life mod that your gearbox is more fragile than in the vanilla game.

It's happened a couple times to me also with Lotus during my season, but with manual gears. That it should happen to you with automatic shifting comes as a surprise to me though... I suspect it's because of the mod anyway.

How old is your engine? Have you tried changing it?