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Gearbox Conversion Chart - KPH To MPH

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by wabbithunta, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. wabbithunta


    There isn't, from what I've seen on these forums, a list/chart with speeds in MPH/KPH
    I hope the list below helps people when using setups on here.
    As people are only filling out one or the other on the gearbox section on the setups this should help people when looking at the speeds as well as heling them when they are looking to use the setups listed. They should then be able to use these without having to keep going to the OSD screen and changing it over.
    I was going to do this in increments of 5 but the list would be too long then. I've rounded up/down to the nearest figure when I converted from KPH to MPH as I used an app on my i-phone to do this.
    50 = 31
    60 = 37
    70 = 43
    80 = 45
    90 = 56
    100 = 62
    110 = 68
    120 = 75
    130 = 81
    140 = 87
    150 = 93
    160 = 99
    170 = 106
    180 = 112
    190 = 118
    200 = 124
    210 = 130
    220 = 136
    230 = 143
    240 = 149
    250 = 155
    260 = 162
    270 = 168
    280 = 174
    290 = 180
    300 = 186
    310 = 193
    320 = 198
    330 = 205
    340 = 211
    350 = 218
    360 = 224
    370 = 230
    380 = 236
    390 = 242
    400 = 249
  2. Pheral


    Well done, thank you!
  3. toucanfirer


    fair play mate nice one
  4. Scott Stinson

    Scott Stinson

    The math looks like this...

    1 kph = 0.621371192 mph
    1 mph = 1.609344 kph
  5. Dany Mitchel

    Dany Mitchel

    Great post many thanks very helpfull
  6. wabbithunta


    I could've put that formulae at the top of my list, but I didn't see the point of it really as people would naturally round up or down anyway if they use that formulae.
    If people want to take a look at the app it is available on i-tunes (for free). This isn't a plug for them either. I put this on mine about two years ago now if I recall.
    The app is called AppBox Lite and I didnt see the need to get the full one as this does what I want it to do anyway and it also has a variety of different conversion tables on it. Very handy too.


    So if you want a FREE app and you have an i-phone then do take a look here.


    Please note:
    Admin.. if you want to "edit" this post to remove the link, that's not a problem for me. Just in case some people think that I may be plugging this, I am not.
  7. James Chant

    James Chant

    I have noticed that some of the converted MPH quoted in the setup forum are not possible in the setup menu in the game.
    On paper the conversion is correct, but in the game the MPH can jump by 2 points instead of one.
  8. Barry Blocker

    Barry Blocker

    Thank you!!
  9. wabbithunta



    That's true and also the reason that people should move the speed up or down a few mph/kph to the best/nearest setting for the gear needed, as you say some of them may be a few "clicks" out on the settings.
    However I will, if I get the time later on Friday on my day off, go into Time Trial and go to all the gearbox listings and then use the speeds shown and redo the chart. :work:

    Thinking along that line then, If I do that then I'll see if I can do a gearbox list for each track then, as I assume the TimeTrial gearbox settings would be the same as Race mode, apart from peoples own settings.. ie /Cruise/Standard/Fast.

    This chart, however, is only a guide to help people with the MPH/KPH speeds and not a definitive setup list for each gear setting on any one gearbox for any particular race, so if people are not fast they'll need to adjust them to suit.


    Hope that clears up that "problem" for you. :doublethumb:

    Any drivers using this list do so at their own risk as "Gears can go down as well as up" and I will not be held responsible for any poor track times that result in the use of this, or any other list that I may produce or help/assist in. :wink: :rolleyes: :)
  10. James Chant

    James Chant

    Hey, no problem, and for the record, wasn't a criticism of your chart either!!
    Was just an observation I had which kind of fitted with the title.
  11. Paulus Kampert

    Paulus Kampert

    Changing kmh to mph back and forth in the osd screen is to me the easiest way, but yeah it can be very helpful to people. It is however a very long list. Maybe an app can be made for use in the forum!
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