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i recently switched to manual shifting and find the car much more managable but in a couple races now i lost one of my gears while in the race.I am using a g27 and sometimes the gears will just skip a gear like say go from 3rd right to 5th gear during a race for no apparent reason.Happened to me in two different races now.This never happened to me in auto shifting in three seasons of racing.Is this the game showing my car having shifting problems or is my paddle shifters on my g27 having problems.The other three seasons were all played in auto shifting.This is my first season in manual so i was wondering if its the game or my paddle shifters.Can your gears screw up in a race.Anyone know.Thank you.

Graham Laing

Retired Staff
Unfortunately there is no game feature that can explain the gear shifting.

It is much more likely to be a hardware issue. However there is no hardship in trying your wheel with it connected to a different USB port than what you are using now.

Also have a go at testing the wheel in another racing game. A genuine hardware fault will show up in another game, or even better, on another PC/Laptop

I have a G27, and the only reason I got, its because my DFGT Pro wheel had a dodgy gear change switch, which often changed down 2 gears at a time (causing spin outs). Though I received a new unit in return for my old one, it took about two weeks to sort out. Once I convinced them it was a hardware error, by testing it on another PC, and had supplied them with a copy of my receipt. I got the RMA authorization and free shipping back to Logitech.

During those 2 weeks, I went and bought the G27. :)
Yeah that sounds like a hardware problem my friend. The game wouldn't do that to you and definitely not that often. Sounds like there is a problem with the paddles. As the above poster said... test other games (Assetto Corsa, Iracing.com, etc) and see if it happens there. If it does you know it's the wheel. Good luck. Hopefully it's still under warranty. Who knows, this may be an excuse to go get a Fanatec!!! ;)

Ken Hughes

Technically, alcohol IS a solution.
It's a feature in mechanical switches known as contact bounce. When the contacts of any mechanical switch bang together they rebound a bit before settling, causing bounce.

You may be able to work around it by not hitting the paddle too hard. I don't want to sound gay or anything, but try caressing the paddle rather than pounding it. A gentle stroke at the edge of the paddle may do the trick. OK, now I do sound gay. But try it.
I don't know about the G27 but I have been intimate with my DFGT and G25 :) The DFGT uses "dome" switches which fail by developing a hole in the center of the dome where contact is made with the element underneath. Multiple shifting happens when the hole makes and breaks contact as it moves to final contact. Switches are available from supply stores online and even if you got the wrong one it's easy to take apart the small dome switch and swap domes. Worse case, replace the bad shifter switch with another one from inside the unit or swap domes.The G25[27?] uses micro snap action switches and these are readily available everywhere and very easily replaced.
Yes ken it could be im being to hard on them sometimes.Now that you bring it up it just happened again while i was trying to make up some time and i was using it bit more break and machine gunning it through my gears up and down then the screen flickered again and i lost a gear.Its weird that my game always flickers on my screen at this point then i lose a gear.Irestart the race in race options and my gears are all normal again.My wheel works fine in assetto corsa .Using a radeon 6950 so i dont think its a video card issue.Never had this problem with auto shifting.Ill try to be softer and not so hard on the paddles.Thanks.