Gear Ratio F3000



I bought this game 2 weeks ago now and love it especially driving on Nordschleife with the F3000..Ive not touched any car setup apart from lowering the fuel and i managed to get 6:15.736 on open practise..but i was just wondering whats a good setting for gear ratio on Nordschleife to get that little extra out of the car

any advice would be great thx

Paulo Ribeiro

Animals and Racing Lover
Oct 13, 2008
To be honest, only setting up the gear ratio maybe will not
improve what you expect. If you want better results you must
change a few more things in the setup window. :whistle:
Sep 27, 2008
For F3000, the most important adjustment is wing settings - and after that you have to change gear ratios to match it. This is very easy to do but can dramatically improve your lap times.

..because default settings (usually) have a very high rear wing, which limits your speed.