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.GDB file and AI

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by DiamondLogic, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. DiamondLogic


    Hi All

    I hope someone can help as this is more of an rfactor question than a BTB one, after one has built a track in BTB then when it comes to organising the files, re the .GDB file, the last section of it reads like this..

    SettingsFolder = Germany
    SettingsCopy = Grip.svm
    SettingsCopy = European_GP.svm
    SettingsAI = European_GP.svm
    Qualify Laptime = 90.00
    Race Laptime = 93.00

    I know that a .SVM file is a car setup file, so with the "SettingsAI" dose this section allow you to make a track.svm setup that the AI will use for the track?..

    I have tried to put a .SVM file in the "SettingsFolder" directory and named it = to the "SettingsAI", with out any joy..

    Please tell me, am I thinking in the right direction or is that not possible?..