Game stock car mods help with sound

Apr 20, 2010
Hi all, i have recently installed a few mods for my steam version of game stock car extreme. The mods are

V8 supercars
pcc 1.3

and all were downloaded from

I have installed and copied all files from zip file, but when the game loads up and im ready to race i have no sound in any of these mods!

all original game cars etc are all okay.

any help would be great...

Also whats the difference between my steam version GSCE and GSC 2013?

which game are these mods for?

Thanks Richard
Apr 29, 2008
I think it is because these mods were initially for GSC2012 and sounds folder was not at the same place. So you need to copy the sounds files at the right place in fact, and perhaps change some lines in the sound file to point to the corrected folder name.
Does this sound clear for you?
Apr 20, 2010
Hi, yes it makes it clear why it wasn't working due to sound files been in different location. Would you happen to know where the sound files should go? The sound files are separate when downloaded.

Thanks Richard