Game Stock Car Extreme v1.21 Released

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  1. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni
    Reiza Studios Premium

    Main changelog for v1.21:

    • Corrected bug that caused CTD on startup in some systems (no longer requires adding a DEP exception for GSC.exe)
    • Lots of optimization work to improve FPS / stuttering issues
    • F-Extreme physics reviewed to rectify a few errors
    • AI revised for improved behavior and minimizing difficulties with tighter corners
    • Multiple qualifying rules introduced in v1.20 have been temporarily removed to fix some errors - it will be added back in the next update.

    Full v1.21 links below - now a 5-part 7.10GB installer:

    Mirror 1 (thanks to NRT):

    PART 1
    PART 2
    PART 3
    PART 4
    PART 5

    Mirror 2 (thanks to SRE):

    PART 1
    PART 2
    PART 3
    PART 4
    PART 5

    Mirror 3 (thanks to Virtual Motorsport):

    PART 1
    PART 2
    PART 3
    PART 4
    PART 5

    If you had already updated from v1.15 to v1.20:

    Run GSC Sync to update, or unrar this package into your GSC2013 folder, overwriting files when prompted.

    If you already have v1.15 but had not yet updated to v1.20:

    Check the info below:
    Game Stock Car Extreme v1.21 is now available

    Mods that have loose files that conflict with original game files will cause trouble - make sure your "Shared" folder in particular is clean before you update. For the same reason mods & addon tracks might require some updating in order to work properly.

    Full v1.21 installers will come shortly. In the meantime if you don´t have the game yet, head to, download the full v1.15 installer and update to v1.21 with GSC Sync or one of the update packages below.

    If you already have GSC2013 v1.15 installed, you may update to version 1.21 by running GSC Sync from your root GSC2013 folder.

    Alternatively, download the update packages below (2.3GB in size) and unrar the contents into your GSC2013 folder, overwriting files when prompted:

    GSC Extreme v1.21 UPDATE (link 1 - thanks to Sim Racing Evolution)
    GSC Extreme v1.21 UPDATE (link 2 - thanks to NRT)
    GSC Extreme v1.21 UPDATE (link 3)

    Main changelog for v1.20:


    • Added Stock Car V8 2014 season to Stock Car V8 series
    • Added Formula Extreme series
    • Added Formula Vee series
    • Completed full Formula V12 field + updated graphics
    • Buenos Aires (4 layouts)
    • Spielberg (2 layouts)
    • Spielberg Historic
    Features & fixes:
    • Added DRS functionality + rules (for F-Extreme / f-Reiza)
    • Added option to restrict prime / option tire compound selections per track
    • Revised tire physics on all cars in preparation to new tire model features currently in development
    • Added multiple tire compound options with corresponding tirewall colors to F-Extreme / F-Reiza
    • Adjusted dirty air physics for more realistic behavior
    • Adjusted engine cooling properties in all cars
    • Adjusted AI performance for wider range specially in lower strentgh settings, and more consistency all around from track to track, series to series
    • Fixed bug with AI performance discrepancy from quali to race (RaceQualRatio=XX parameter now works in AIW files, lower than 1.0 value will result in slower qual times relative to race, higher values will do the opposite. By default AI should be about 2% faster in quali; remains an issue with AI being too quick in practice sessions)
    • Increased rearview mirror resolution for all cars
    • Corrected FOV / POV + tv cameras to the same standards for all cars
    • Updated rumble sounds to be more "bassy" on all cars (for Buttkicker and other similar systems)
    • Adjusted trackside cameras in all tracks for more realistic framing / tracking
    • Adjusted some inconsistent road & terrain properties, fixing some overdone high frequency bumps
    • Various environmental / lightining enhancements (new skies / fog and other updated shaders);
    • Introduced new Foliage shader which looks better & is more optimized to provide performance boost
    • Added 3d tyre lods at Granja Viana to help ease performance issues
    • Added 3d Armco at Interlagos

    Known issues:
    • The F-Extreme ERS system has been simplified for this release - basically, the battery is fully charged all the time and the power blending still needs work, meaning the driveability under throttle is not quite what it should be yet;
    • The AI for the F-Extreme does not use 8th gear or DRS;
    • The hard compound for the F-Extreme & F-Reiza does ot have its proper orange Pirelli sidewall label.
    • Championship races are being awarded double points.
    All these should be sorted out in time for the next update.

    Please direct your bug reports on v1.21 to this thread.

    For issues installing / running / setting up GSCE, please refer to our FAQ first before posting.

    In need of support with Serial Number renewals or fingerprint mismatches? Please send an email to or contact us via PM here supplying the email used in your purchase so we can better assist you.
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  2. Frapp Lee

    Frapp Lee

    Love these guys/this sim. Thank You Reiza - keep up the awesome work.
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  3. Peter Johnson

    Peter Johnson

    I am so grateful for this company! Reiza! Thank you for being a bright light in this multi-million dollar industry called sim racing. While others are scrambling to cash in with no regard to its customers input, you have stepped forward with a well thought out plan with full regard to its customers and have become the new winner!! Congratulations! Please do not get to big to fast and remember your start up vision. This will propel your company into possibly the best gaming software company of all time!!
    Thank you!
    Thank you!
    P.S. Almost forgot, very nice and seemless 1.21 upgrade. Faster! More eye candy! More immersion! I just Love it!

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  4. David Hester

    David Hester

    Can't wait to try it. Are the templates for the 2014 V8s the same as the 2013 or are they different?
  5. Stefanocbl


    for me the same shadow flickering... :/
  6. Richard Eriksson

    Richard Eriksson

    Still 99% GPU usage for me in ANY practice session with the Vee, drops to about 11% by just advancing to Qualifying. Same bug as in 1.20.

    Stuttering is still very much present, actually on my system it seems worse (longer freezes) but the frequency of stutters has decreased for the V12, but not the Vee.

    I'm really sorry but rendering bugs still persist, framerate still taking a hit from overusing GPU for bug reasons, and stutters are still there.

    All in all, no difference from 1.20 for me on latest NVidia drivers.

    Tried to reinstall fresh as well, then applying update. No difference. Also tried to revert my NVidia drivers further back, to no avail.

    There is still a core rendering issue with NVidia hardware. Verified with a friend, he has same issues still...
  7. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni
    Reiza Studios Premium

    Richard, could you give us you full system specs (apologies if it has been informed elsewhere)? We´ve been testing in various NVIDIA equipped systems with very limited stuttering issues (pretty much restricted to Buenos Aires now which is a sizeable track, and the occasional race start). Wish we could give you a more precise instruction, but for now the best we can come up with is to keep looking...
  8. mcoak


    Stuttering here too. I'm using ati radeon.


    I use the tip "Try deleting your USERDATA\LOG file, and creating a fresh player profile (PLR)" and it works. The stuttering is gone.
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  9. Richard Eriksson

    Richard Eriksson

    Of course:

    CPU: I5 3570k @4.3 GHz. (no throttling, all cores at same speed)
    GPU: GTX680 factory oc @ 1200MHz.
    RAM: 16Gb. 1600 MHz.
    HDD: Game is installed on primary SSD drive
    Audio: Realtek HD (onboard), also tried with HDMI audio from GPU
    NVidia drivers: 340.52 (latest WHQL)

    NVidia settings: All standard, except "Prefer Maximum Performance" and "Single display performance mode" being set, as well as Maximum Prerendered Frames set to "1" and Adaptive VSync being on (tried with those at standard as well, but no difference).

    Problems occur when using more than 15 or so AI, on all practice sessions (extreme GPU usage and stutter). If i move on to qualifying GPU usages drop to 15-20% from being about 90-100% within the same session (screenshots in v1.20 thread). Stuttering still remains however.

    If i run alone on track no stutter at all, but with more AI than 15+ it's stuttering all over the place, with strange spikes in GPU usage.

    Monitored thread usage and HDD access shows very low utilization so no problems there.

    The problem ONLY happen to certain cars. Formula Retro, Formula Vee and Formula V12 show these abnormal usages and stutters.

    Any other car, i can run 33 car grids of AI on any track without stutter or high GPU usage.

    A friend of mine, also running NVidia (GTX780) but on a beefier CPU is experiencing the same issues... With the same cars.

    Many odd things, as why is usage increasing in practice (100% just staring into the wall in pitlane), while being 50% lower in qualifying? Or why is only these 3 cars causing stutters with AI while the others are fine? Why does these cars have 50-70% higher GPU usage in average than any other car?

    The number of cars on track is definitely affecting the issue, no matter if they're visible at the time or not...

    The stutters also register clearly when monitoring as a small, sudden drop from 60FPS to 58/57/59 etc.

    Seems to somewhat smoothen out after a while of racing (10+ laps).

    Appreciate the help guys! But there is still some things to iron out, as is evident by my expereinces along with some of my friends having the same troubles.

    However, not all ranting here, MAJOR kudos on the feel of the Vee... Might be the most "fun" simracing car i've driven. :)
  10. Sk3ptik0n


    I wanted to remark that I am running dual nVidia GTX460 (latest drivers) on a i7 970 chip and I am not having any of these issues. In reading the other posts, sounds like it may be an issue of some CPU getting too much load and even though my chip is now quite old, is still considered a very powerful chip and may be able to handle it better.

    In any event, I just wanted to post my specs and repost no tearing issues either with this or the previous version.
  11. Guilherme Silva

    Guilherme Silva

    Richard, try setting the GSC config Vsync On, then go to your plr and set "Max Framerate" to -58. I'm using this setting a it works great no stutters, no input lag and no tearing.
  12. privatebrian


    Yes i'm getting more or less the same problems, and i've tried the same things...reinstalling from fresh, winding back the drivers...but still no luck.

    For Reiza my system specs are:

    Windows 7 64bits
    AMD FX8320 @ 4.0GHz
    8GB G Skill Ram @ 1600 MHz
    Asus DirectCUII GTX 670 2GB

    The only thing i find that works for me, is to swap out the d3d9.dll with the Wombats Nvidia Fix dll, i know this is not ideal, but it's the only thing that seems to work.
  13. Tony Gentile

    Tony Gentile

    Wish Steam picked up this sim from what I see its going places
  14. Keith Windsor

    Keith Windsor

    I have lots of steam titles and they are fine, but I much prefer the direct contact we have with Reiza.
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  15. Richard Eriksson

    Richard Eriksson

    My CPU is locked at 4.3GHz. on all four cores, and is never used more than 10-15% on any core, regardless of number of AI. So CPU can probably be excluded as an explanation. What i see is you are running GTX460's as opposed to us having problems running Kepler? My friends all have GTX670 or GTX780 and i run GTX680. @Bri Watson, who also has issues are running GTX670. All are Kepler architecture GPUs.

    I will try the Wombat DLL and see how it fares on my GPU. @Bri Watson, do you have a download link for it or can uou upload it to RD so we can try it out some and see if it fixes the issue?

    Oddly, this issue has never happened to me in rFactor 1, for which the fix was originally developed...
  16. Richard Eriksson

    Richard Eriksson

    Well... Steam does not mean we can not have a good developer contact as evidenced by many Steam-titles using the community functions for this. But i think that GSCE would have to mature a bit first, but then i would definitely like to see a greenlight-campaign for it.
  17. Richard Eriksson

    Richard Eriksson

    Tried the Wombat DLL as suggested by @Bri Watson. Apart from having 99% GPU usage in practice sessions with the Formula Vee (but not in other sessions) and the dust clouds causing major FPS drops still... I can see that the stuttering was FIXED! No more stutters in race with 25 AI Formula Vee or V12, framerate at a solid 60FPS adaptive VSync all through the race.

    Thank you @Bri Watson !!! Finally i can enjoy the Vee in single player (except for the annoying practice session GPU usage bug that is).

    The usage with the three car types mentioned earlier is still very high compared to others, but they are not causing stutters anymore!

    Tried several tracks with Vee and V12 and was finally stutter free.

    Sent the file to my friend, and he tried it, also stutter free now on his GTX780!

    It seems Kepler cards may need this fix for some car models in GSCE since 1.15 at least.

    One major bug less for me it seems...

    @Reiza Studios, now that we seem to have some confirmations on this, is it possible to include this dll or similiar functioning addon in the base release to stop this issue for certain NVidia cards (regardless of the actual cause)?

    I measured the vertex pipeline again with this fix and now it's not stalling or being hammered all the time, and mesh data seems consistent.
  18. duko


    For me stuttering stopped when i set time scale to none. After that all worked fine.

    AMD FX 8350 - 4.00 GHz
    8GB RAM
    Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 TI 2GB
    Windows 8.1
  19. JoelGL


    Sorry if this was asked already, but where do you set this (ie. Time scale)? Thanks.
  20. Richard Eriksson

    Richard Eriksson

    Try 25 AI, Formula Vee, on Interlagos GP or Spielberg, start at the last position on the grid. Visible cars set to more than 26 (obviously) Still no stutters?

    Because both me and several friends of mine tried the time scale fix, with no success, but wombat dll fixes it, it seems.