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Game Stock Car Extreme impressions

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Andy_J, Sep 16, 2014.

  1. Andy_J

    PC Veteran Gamer and Biker. Premium

    I have owned this sim for a few months now but only recently have I found time to explore it.

    I have not tried the multiplayer aspect yet.

    Single player is superb. The AI obviously have difficulty and aggression sliders and after experimenting quite a bit I have it spot on for my liking.
    I have had some absolutely fantastic races against the AI in the stock car sessions. One in particular springs to mind at Montreal. 30 laps of intense fighting for the lead and when I did get it after about 20 laps, I just couldn't hold onto it. Superb stuff.


    The amount of mods available is immense too. I love the 1992 F1 mod. The cars are fast and sound great.



    The more I test GSCE the more I like it. It is so much in my opinion like GTR 2 (yes I know same basic engine) but to me it's like an updated sequel to that.
    The incar sound is great as are the replays. Yes it may not have the Shift 2 type eye candy of Pcars or the beautiful lines of AC, but by eck the physics are spot on in my view and far surpass what Pcars is at this time. You actually feel like the tyres are in actual contact with the virtual grippy tarmac. Hard to explain. But I love it.

    The 1992 Williams was a blast to throw around the Donnington GP circuit and it sounds ace too.

    I need to do more testing yet and I will do. I need to learn some of these South American tracks for a start.

    A truly complete and worthy sim.

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