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Game Stock Car Extreme: Extensive Renato Simioni Interview

MR18 Game Stock Car Extreme.jpg

Patrick Giranthon sat down with Reiza Studios' Renato Simioni for an interview including some exclusive pictures and news about what is coming up next for the popular PC racing simulator.

After three major updates of Game Stock Car, GSC2013 changes his name for "GSCExtreme".
Can you tell us more about this new name and describe why did you decide to extend your support to GSC?

Once we decided somewhere early on 2014 that we´d build on GSC2013, adding new features and content, it made sense to lose the "2013" tag. The "Extreme" comes from our long time partners Extreme Racing, who produce sim racing gear and with whom we have stablished a close relationship.

Game Stock Extreme Preview 1.JPG

Simulation world is more and more competitive and business oriented. How do you position Reiza among all these new games coming on the market? Are you "afraid" of the new titles proposed?

It´s a great time for PC simracing with all the strong new titles that have come out in the past couple of years, and the continuing support of others that were already out there. It´s a return to the glorious early days of the mid to late 90s, when you had Papyrus, Microprose and ISI all delivering great sims, and a big jump from the relative drought of mid-to-late 00s. I think it benefits the genre as a whole because if you look at the console market, realistic racers have a very large appeal there with the GT and Forza series being one of the main titles in their respective platforms. PC sims have a tiny fraction of that market for various reasons, but I believe that with the influx of these new gen PC sims, more console racers are becoming aware of the PC sim racing scene as a whole and some of them are making the move as they become more serious about their simracing. The graphics in some of the new PC games are truly great, just as good if not better than the top console racers, they have several big licenses which is a big pull and unlike the old days, the driving experience is not that much harder, on the contrary - new PC sims address the fallacy that simulators have to be frustratingly difficult by nature. As they evolve, the physics in PC racing sims are becoming not only more advanced, but more intuitive and engaging because of that extra sophistication, relative to the console racers.

While it´s unlikely that PC games will ever come close to the figures of console racers, there is more awareness for the PC sims these days, and these big new titles end up bringing attention to the smaller ones as well. There might not be a market for all the PC racing sim developers on the long run, but I believe the good ones will thrive.

As for being "afraid", it´s a funny thought because I´m a simracer first and foremost, so whenever I go try one of the new titles or big updates, I go in at the same time excited for it but dreading that will make such a big leap that it will make everything else and our own stuff redundant. It has been like that for years now, yet I always end up happy to go back to our stuff and still nothing satifies me more - if anything, as we evolve ourselves I have a harder time driving anything other than our sims for more than a few laps. While that remains being the case I believe we will have our space.

Game Stock Extreme Preview 2.JPG

You have promised a lot of new content for GSC in the future. Few weeks ago you announced the new features coming : endurance car, superkart, dynamic weather, new transmission model, etc., as if the possibilties for GSCE were nearly without limits. How far will you push these limits and can you give us some details about the crowd funding system you will use to work on them?

We pulled out of launching a crowdfunding campaign in 2014 because of the uncertainties we still had about how far we could and were willing to go in the current platform, and also because moving to Steam and a couple of other new ventures ended up getting priority, it wouldnt have been wise to take money from the community under those circunstances. It´s likely we´ll do something with the community to boost funding in the near future though. We still have some new content to come out and some new features to add over the next couple of months which will boost GSC & FTruck considerably. While the graphics engine is no doubt showing its age, I believe it still does the job and with all the new stuff coming up, GSC will retain and hopefully expand its reputation as one of the main sims out there.

Game Stock Extreme Preview 3.jpg

A litlle idea of your roadmap for the coming weeks?

Formula Truck 2013 is coming 1st on Steam within the next week, it will feature some graphics updates plus the adittion of two new tracks from GSC (Spielberg and Buenos Aires). In subsequent weeks Formula Truck will receive more updates, porting some new developments over from GSC, plus some specific features of its own.

GSCExtreme is coming next on Steam as v1.25, hopefully also before the end of the month. This version however will not include some of the planned features just yet (like tyre damage, bodywork flex, drivetrain & turbo modelling), as work is still ongoing on those fronts. It will include Johannesburg Historic, Ortona (4 layouts), plus two new specs of karts - 4-stroke rental karts plus a race prepped version. Metalmoro MR18 is possible but not certain yet. The next version (v1.30) will include all the planned features, plus Bologna Historic, Londrina Kart track and the MR18 (if not already included in v1.25), possibly the 250cc Superkart. Beyond that we still have at least 2 more cars and tracks so people should expect continuous development well into april.

These developments should flow at a much quicker rate than the previous two - I know some people might suggest we´ve said that before, which incidentally is why we shy away from responding to all the "WHEN??" bombarding we get on the forums, it´s never so easy to predict and you don´t want to be pressured to deliver something half-baked. Having said that, save for any force majeure it should be smoother sailing for the next couple of months. Most of the planned features and content are already far into development as you´ll be able to see from some of the supplied screenshots, and unlike the last semester we don´t expect to have our focus taken away by other tasks.

Game Stock Extreme Preview 4.jpg

You have worked hard to bring GSC on Steam platform. What are you expectations about this new step for GSC and what about the process for poeple who already own GSC?

We had some complications recently which made the move a bit harder than we hoped and delayed things for a bit but we have it sorted out now, and both titles should be up there very soon. I believe it will be very good. Steam has become such a monolith for PC gaming that you can´t really go very far if your titles are not in it. Beyond the exposure, it also has some great features and it will make using our games a lot easier for users, so all in all I have high hopes it will be a good boost for our sims.

Concerning the keys, before the release of the games, their respective websites will have a system where owners will be able to retrieve Steam keys for their games. Upon retrieving the Steam Key, their original Gameshield Serial Number will be deleted from the database, so once they make the move they can´t go back unless they purchase again. For Formula Truck owners, we recommend they do make the move as future updates will only be deployed on Steam from the next release onwards. For Game Stock Car Extreme we still plan delivering updates via GSC Sync, so it´s up to the user´s personal preference. Save for this update policy and specific Steam features we eventually add, both games will function exactly the same as they do now.

Game Stock Extreme Preview 5.jpg

The first GSC version has been released in summer 2011. After more than 3 years of hard work on GSC, can you do your own assessment of this first big adventure for Reiza? What were the main difficulties for you and your team spread all over the world? What was the most rewarding?

Main difficulty has always been the limited funding, and remains so. We set some very high standards and goals for ourselves, though we don´t have a big team the people we hire are usually extremely capable, we also take our time developing things to our best level and naturally that comes with a cost. It´s tough for a small developer coming from Brazil where things are extra difficult, but we´ve become fairly specialized in doing more with less, which is a good thing - saying that I´d certainly not turn down a bigger budget. I think 2015 will be a turning point for us in that regard, which should open up our scope considerably.

Reiza has been very rewarding experience in general, working with a small but very talented group of people, getting to think up some cool car-track combo, and then get to put it together and bring it to life is really thrilling, and then seeing the community respond very positively and appreciate what we´re going for is great. We´re hardcore simracers first and foremost, so the fact that our output is satisfying both for ourselves as well as for other hardcore simmers is very rewarding. We have also developed relationships with real racing people who appreciate our sims, which is also very cool.

Game Stock Extreme Preview 6.jpg

Formula trucks has also been a main part of the "Tupi project" and the last release "Formula truck 2013" has made of big graphical improvement. You will release soon a new update of the game. Can you explain why did you want to bring this kind of vehicles to poeple?

Being from Brazil it made sense for us to try strike a deal for the most popular series here, and both Stock Car V8 as well as Formula Truck are it. They obviously share many tracks which from a production standpoint also made sense, and a good truck racing game hadnt really been made, at least not for a while. Doing something different from what everybody else is doing is something we try to do as I believe it makes us and our products unique, and Formula Truck certainly is unique.

Game Stock Extreme Preview 7.jpg

In our last interview you gave us some details about your next project "Senna game". Can you be more precise about it now? With such a title, do you have a higher pressure on shoulders than with GSC?

The project has evolved considerably from our initial concept. Production is ongoing, slowly but surely. It´s a big thing and a big responsibility, but it´s a very complicated project from both a technical and licensing point of view, so we´re really going to take our time with it until we have lined up all the required elements and resources. It has taken a long time already but this year I believe we´ll have what we need to really focus on it and hopefully have it out by early 2016.

I know that you have a limited time and a limited budget. But let's dream 5 secondes : unlimited time and unlimited budget. Which cars or which feature would you like to add to GSC?

I think we already did that, and what we´ll have in GSC by the time we´re done with it as a package in terms of cars, tracks and features will be very much the sim I dream of, with very diverse content and a wide range of driving experiences. If we are talking one single series it would have to be WEC, but any single series is a bit too limited for the licensing costs involved. If we could go further in the same path I´d probably add a couple more historical F1-type cars, a couple of GT cars and an Australian V8 Supercar, certainly some new graphics resources are in order but that will probably have to wait for the next GSC.

In our first interview you were talking about your wish to have new developpent tools in the future. There are some new 3D motors avalaible now (RF2 Isi motor, Kunos motor, SMS motor...). I can Imagine that Niels and you think about this for the future of Reiza. Is your choice made?

Nothing final yet, but we´re fairly well set in continuing in the path we´re currently in. All things considered in my opinion the ISI engine still delivers the best overall racing experience, it will do that even better with the stuff we have in development for it, and once we have some extra cash the sky is pretty much the limit.

Thank you Renato. If you want to conclude or add something...

Just thank you and the community for your ongoing support. We don´t always get to engage with the community as much as we´d like, but we´re still very much part of it and tuned in to your feedback and ideas. 2015 looks very promising for simracing as a whole and we look foward to contributing towards making it a great year.

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Great interview Patrick! Thanks for taking the time Renato.
Very excited to see where Reiza goes in the future with this version of the game and their next one.

GSCE captures that elusive quality of fun better than any other racing sim out there on the market for my money.


Fabio Rodrigues

Reiza Studios Community Manager
Excellent interview, thank you. I wish Renato had said something about "quality of life" updates (custom championship creator, an updated UI, etc.), but I'm really excited about all the rest :)

(one small point of concern, though: from what I understand, the switch to Steam would mean that multiple installs would not work anymore, correct? I don't think Steam can handle multiple installs of the same game, and if we lose the ability of playing the standalone game when we switch...)

All the best to Reiza! I do hope the games are successful on Steam :)
For the pure thrill of driving nothing beats GSCE at the moment. All the best games/sims have that elusive feeling of satisfaction. Thanks for the great interview, it's great we get chance to hear straight from the boss rather than some press release about the development of the game going forward, it sounds like a real labour of love.


I hate VR. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
(one small point of concern, though: from what I understand, the switch to Steam would mean that multiple installs would not work anymore, correct? I don't think Steam can handle multiple installs of the same game, and if we lose the ability of playing the standalone game when we switch...)

Yes I am thinking it might be better to stick at it without Steam. Not sure yet. As I have two installs, one with loads of addons and mods for my offline racing and one standard for my club racing here.


Excellent Interview :D

This one statement is gonna keep me awake all night :p.

"All things considered in my opinion the ISI engine still delivers the best overall racing experience, it will do that even better with the stuff we have in development for it, and once we have some extra cash the sky is pretty much the limit."

I am gonna buy GSC again once its on steam :D (a little push from me to help the devs reach the sky)

Keep up the great work @Reiza Studios



Ok simple maths:
rF2 = awesome
GSCE = awesome
GSCE + rF2 engine = Awesome x2

if they will combine the two I don't think any sim can get near it

Renato Simioni

Reiza Studios
Hi guys, Renato there. Thank you for your feedback. This is something I commented on bsimracing just now, which might be relevant here on the subject of game engines - I indeed dont think ISI considers rF2 ready for licensing yet, and in any case we would rather continue working on developing our own tangent to rF1 (which is what GSCEx is - it has not been plain rF1 for some time and future updates will bring in further substantial developments).

It´s a common misconception that the engine is "outdated" - it is old alright, but that in itself does not make it inferior to a modern engine - only the graphics engine most definetly is outdated technology, the UI and some specific elements like compatibility with modern hardware etc. The other major components of the engine however are either more advanced, or work as well (and in many cases better) as the ones in newer sims - physics, AI, multiplayer. The sound engine misses some features but it´s hardly a generation apart from the best one out there.

In the case of physics, the engine is plenty advanced and still superior to most - only 2 or 3 of the new sims have more advanced physics or in particular tyre models (rF2 being one of them), and even in those cases it´s very debatable whether their extra complexity nets a better result. Think of 2 race cars: one is very advanced, has major downforce and horsepower figures, but it´s extremely sensitive, peaky and hard to set up - the other is simpler, has less powerful but more driveable engine, and a perfectly shaped aero map making it work in pretty much every circunstance with relative ease. The figures say one is better than the other, but the result sheet might tell a different story. The analogy applies to simulation engines - it´s about being closer to real life, which sometimes might be less achievable with more complex stuff like physical tyre models, which are not necessarily flawless and don´t offer the flexibility of a Pacejka tyre model. The proof is in the pudding :)
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Renato Simioni

Reiza Studios
Excellent interview, thank you. I wish Renato had said something about "quality of life" updates (custom championship creator, an updated UI, etc.), but I'm really excited about all the rest :)

(one small point of concern, though: from what I understand, the switch to Steam would mean that multiple installs would not work anymore, correct? I don't think Steam can handle multiple installs of the same game, and if we lose the ability of playing the standalone game when we switch...)

A custom championship creator is on the dev list, not towards the top but it´s still possible it will come for the current GSC. Updated UI I see no need for now, it looks a little rough with the low resolution but it works just fine - you can get to the track within a couple of clicks, and most relevant options are displayed in between those clicks.

An updated HUD is necessary though, to minimize the incessant rF1 comparisons if nothing else :)

As for multiple Steam installs, good question. It will probably not work. Best to stick with the ways things are if that´s important for you.
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Got to say thanks for being so open and honest about things. Communication is what the community have been crying for, and you guys stepped up. Thanks, and very much looking forward to racing my beloved Iveco truck around Buenos Aires 8!!
They can in the future keep the same game but upgrade the engine via patch to introduce DX11, DX12 etc. I know for fact since that's what is going on with DCS, they are soon (hopefully) upgrading the game engine for the already existent game.
Tough call to go for either the convenience of Steam or the flexibility of multiple installs. TBH though I have not used my standard install for months, I just use my modded installation. I presume the file/folder structure will be the same just in the steam installation folders?
Thanks for the great interview Patrick and Renato!

I really hope Reiza will continue on this patch, and I hope the best for them!

Just one question, is the dynamic weather still on your priority list Renato? Nowadays every serious sim is "incomplete", GSC would be amazing with the rain!


Ive mentioned a few times, whether the new more complex engine actually gives a better driving feel, im glad to have a dev, comment on the same thing. if i play GSC and the rf2, i cant feel or tell the difference between the tyre flex, unless you watch the tyre, im not sure drive feel is affected.

But great reiza posts here thank you.
Thanks for the great interview.

I wish Reiza all the best in the development of this racing sim.

Stumbled across GSCE2013 by accident when I saw interesting articles on it and it's quite simply brilliant value.

Really looking forwards to the updates and hoping the 250cc Superkart is coming soon as well (because it's simply crazy :thumbsup:).

Yes the graphics look a little dated (as some others have mentioned already it may get a hard time on Steam because of this) but the beauty of this sim is that the physics are spot on, the mods are a bonus as well.

The nice side-effect of having a slightly older engine is that of course most of us can run 30 odd cars at maximum graphics with hardly any slowdown.

Like most others I would like to see changeable weather, but that's a big job to do.

Well done @Reiza Studios keep up the great work :)
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