Game Stock Car 2012 v1.20 Update Released (Includes Cascavel)

Renato Simioni

Reiza Studios
The v1.20 update package (for those who already have Game Stock Car 2012 v1.10 installed):


Full GSC2012 v1.20 Installer:


For DVD owners (should be relevant for brazilians only):

V1.10 to V1.20 Update package:


Full DVD V1.20 Installer:


INSTALLATION: Just point this installer to your GSC2012 install folder, overwriting files if prompted.

Main changelog from version 1.1:

Refuelling option added for the Stock V8, Camaro SS, Mini and Formula 3;
Adjusted grip levels on run-offs, grass and gravel to minimise corner cutting opportunities;
Adjusted trackside cameras to correct texture flickering on long distance shots;

[Mini Challenge]
Several minor physics adjustments;

[Formula Reiza]
Corrected Scuderia Maranello bug;

Added Autódromo de Cascavel;
Adjusted Velopark to mimise corner-cutting opportunities;
Adjusted Santa Cruz do Sul to minimise corner-cutting opportunities.

Just got in from a night shift to see this, already updated. How easy is that then, no messing around looking here there and everywhere doing this to that then that to this :thumbsup: !!! RF2 take note please :rolleyes:, Grand Prix later today and Nights again so will prob get to try it out Tuesday / Wednesday properly, but will deffo have a bash before work later ;)
For me the server I tried did give me the mm after the 1.2 update. But more importantly really messed up my F1 Thrustmaster FFB. I had it tweeked great before the update and know its re calibrating in the middle of a run and all the feel is gone. May have to remove the update.
this is starting to p... me off, cant activate the game, asked support for a reactivation and got 3 of them, tried it once, and after wating for about 10 min it said that all activations associated with this serial number have been used :poop:

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