Game Save after Qualifying and prior to race


Jun 26, 2009
I know I have asked about this before, but since the last couple of updates something seems to have changed slightly so I wanted to ask Reiza for clarification.

I did some tests with V1.20 and now with v1.21, hoping that I might find the save function working between qualifying and race. (As I like to run 100% distance F1 races & full race weekends, it would be great to be able to practice, qualify and race on separate sessions and/or days, instead of being forced to qualify and then race immediately after, which takes a few hours).

Anyway, I was amazed to find that on two occasions during my tests, the game HAD SAVED correctly, and when I moved on to the race, the starting grid was indeed correct!

However, my excitement was short-lived, as I am unable to consistently reproduce this, and what usually happens if I exit and re-load the game after qualifying, is the race grid is created randomly.

So Reiza, please can you tell me, is there any likelihood that the save function will be ironed out / implemented in a future version? I would really appreciate being able to run a 1 hour qualifying, then turn the game off before running my 1.5hr race another time. :)