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Game is still full of bugs

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by iammx, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. iammx


    Just done career race at Singapore and apart from the sound bugs that are still there I got a Safety Car one. Was 2nd SC period of the race about 12 laps in and I was going round to get into the train but in the 2nd lap of the SC period and still not caught up, I'm passing the pits and the SC is still in the middle of the pitlane according to the minimap icon. So I pass the SC like all the other cars already have and I get DQ'd for passing it, then takes me to result screen, wtf?

    There's no more patches on the way and by the looks of the forums they've pretty much abandoned the game at this point. The final nail is in the coffin for this studio. Well played.:thumbsup:
  2. trucker0werner


    it is stil full of bugs
    but that whas already whit f1 2010
    after that the game has changed very little every year
    and every year the same bugs whas back.

    but now thay have made f1 2013 the game has no feeling anymore
    when you drive a car you don't feel connected to the road. it is to arcade.
    it is nice for people that start the game but not when you want to feel every bump in the road through you steering wheel.

    if there is be f1 2014 i only will buy it because of the v6 and hope thay start learing about fixing the bugs.

    i find it also strange/stupid that the game is release mid season.
    why not before the season and everytime the real cars change thay made this also in game