Game Crashes (Unexpected Error) when loading any event where the BMW Z4 E89 is present


I am using Content Manager 0.8.2245.37760, CSP 0.1.68 and well as SOL 2.0

Yes, I have gone to Steam > Properties > Verify Files. Each time I do this, it says there's one invalid file, proceeds to download whatever the file is and then checks out ok until the next time it crashes.

My Z4 files are stock, unmodded. I even tired removing all four versions of the Z4 from the content folder, then ran the file verification where it downloaded all stock Z4 files afterwards. This did not fix the issue either. Does not seem to matter what track or weather setting, if a Z4 if the car of choice or if it's one of the AI cars, the game crashes while loading. Game will also crash if I load up the Z4 on any track within the stock launcher as well.

This wouldn't be a huge issue, as I don't particularly love the Z4 but I am wanting to work my way through the career mode. The z4 is key to getting though the second part of the career.