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Game crash at race time

Dave Wild

Aug 8, 2009
Today I was happily taking part in the Curitiba event all through practice and qualifying then when race time came the game crashed and I had no control over the UI and couldn't get out of the pits.
The game generated a crash dump file but I am unable to read it, tried Windows debug (x86 & 64bit) but that tells me it couldn't find the symbols even though the symbol path points to where the symbols are.
Any idea why the game crashed at race time and not before and how do you read the GSE crash dump files?


Feb 13, 2015
I don't think that you have given enough detail to troubleshoot your problem.

The crash dump files are not very useful as far as I know but it would be good to report what file was responsible for the crash... maybe a plugin dll or maybe the gsc.exe.

I would try to restart your practice / race with the same conditions you had during the crash and determine if the crash happens repeatedly.

Its unusual but not unheard of for GSC (rF) to crash on occasion.


I hate VR. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Oct 2, 2010
I have had it happen quite a few times in the club racing here. Sometimes the game crashes, other times I just lose all FFB.

Dave Wild

Aug 8, 2009
@Gringo I can't remember having a crash before and it would be difficult to recreate the race as it was an on-line race with RD. The only oddity I noticed (can't remember if it was during practice or quali) was that Davy's car was blank, i.e. I didn't have his skin. However there was no crash during practice nor qualifying so why during warmup or just before the race?
I have never had a crash during other on-line races which suggests this was a one off.
Being able to read the crash dump file must offer some clue as to what caused the crash.; may be I need to ask Reiza.

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