GAH!! Cheatin fricken computer!! (or: The BMW Z4 sucks) (ranty)

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    So a big part of the reason I picked up GTR2 was for the driving schoo, and. I've been enjoying it mostly .. until today.
    Today I got into the "Overtaking" lessons. These went fairly well at first. Then I hit "Overtaking through the corners Part 3" and the two "Overtaking in the rain" lessons.
    GAHHHH!!!!! Suck suck suck suck suck cheatin computer GAHH and that Z4 is so unstable it's ridiculous!!! GAHH
    I mean, seriously!! That fricken instuctor's car is literally glued to the road. It does not move off its line, or change speed or braking points .. for any reason whatsoever. To test this, I tried deliberately crashing into the damn thing and, sure enough, it stayed on its line and kept going like nothing happened.
    Even beyond this, you can barely tap the instructor's car and get 'failed', but he can smack the hell out of you, run you off the road, flip your car ... and you're still the one who gets failed.
    Coming out of one corner I was in the lead. The instructor came out of the corner faster than I had, and rear-ended me hard. No spin or anything, he just hit me hard. .. and BAM! I got a 'fail' .. I mean .. WTF!!! :mad:
    The training part of this game is a really good idea, but the implementation of the 'physical' (i.e. non-ghost) instructor is utterly sucky. Very very excruciatingly irritating. ... It took me literally hours to finish up just those final three "lessons" .. apparently they were meant to be lessons in irritation.
    Particularly that final lesson, the full lap in the rain. .. I mean, THAT one gives you control of the car right when you need to be braking and downshifting. More often that not I would either hit the instructor and be failed or spin (due to braking, shifting, or accelerating) off course and be failed. Totally ridiculous to throw the player into driving mode at such a point.
    I swear, it took me over 90 minutes alone just to complete that lesson. :confused:

    And don't even get me started about the BMW Z4. In Race 07 I've found it can be difficult to control, but in GTR2 it is downright unstable and twitchy, especially in wet conditions. First off, it has terrible understeer. BUT! Tap the brakes a bit too hard or downshift at slightly too high of revs and BAM instant snap oversteer, usually into spin condition. .. I find it hard to believe the actual Z4 controls like this. It's just awful and I hate it soo so much now.
    I'll admit it looks cool, but I never want to drive it again. :p

    Thanks for letting me rant. .. I feel slightly better unloading that a bit to people who might understand. :giggle:
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