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G923 shaking

I just bought a g923 a few days ago cause i would love to drift in simracing. Anyways as i started AC i just noticed a shaking of the wheel in centered position. Since then i tried following fixes:
Gyro set to zero/ doesn't work
Created an lut file/ doesn't work
Tried to minimize the ffb settings/ that helped a little but the diving felt unrealistic as hell ( sometimes the shaking came back)
Every other fix i didn't got to work cause i didn't find (like they dont exist at all) the files in ac folder.
Also i didn't find one fix for the g923 just for g25 g27 g29 and g920
I'm so done with this but ill keep trying

Ill update if i find something
Also thanks to everyone helping in front
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was a fix ever found for this issue? i've just picked up a g923 and for drifting the issue wasn't that noticable but for normal racing when going down a long straight it becomes almost difficult to keep the car under control.