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g29 shifter - homemade increase hardness of shift stick

Bla la

Sep 11, 2018
this is my solution that i have done to my g29.
In partcular i removed the right metal plate and glued an adhesive rubber film, like those for chair legs.
Now the gear lever has become more resistant and plush.
Note: to disassemble safely I have temporarily fixed (see photo) some electrician's clamps to lock the spring and the ball. all keeping the second gear engaged to facilitate the procedure.
There is also a potentiometer to extract.
I recommend it only to expert hands and obviously I am not responsible for any breakages.
Finally, I fixed a window seal to the gear lever, again with a clamp, which makes the gear even more muffled and quieter.
Completed the whole I was very satisfied and the impression you get is much more like a real gearbox.
I attach the photos.

I hope it may have been helpful