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G29 Serious Oversteering Issues! - pls Help

Hi Folks!

A few Days ago finally my G29 arrived which is my absolut first Touch for using such a Setup to play any Racing Game.
Anyways, meanwhile i spend like 25 Hours still trying to find out the right and comfortable settings of it. Since i am 2 Seconds slower with the Wheel than with my old Logitech F310 Controller, lol -.- ...

But one of the most annoying things with the Wheel is that i can "Oversteer" the Wheel in almost every corner. I dont mean oversteering itself!
When i lock into a corner there is a Spot by wheelangle when the Wheel is moving over the edge of the tires without giving me any feedback about it...
This is driving me crazy because in the Limit range of my Tires i defenetly need to know when i Oversteer the Tires.
Is there some Kind of Solution which some of you guys already figured out? Some kind of feedback from the G29 would be awesome if i am losing tire grip caused by oversteering the carwheel itself.

Thanks alot for spending time on reading my Rookie-Post :D
Have a nice Day!

Daniel R.

Which sim you used?
I understood following.
When you go fast into a corner the steering wheel gets light. Correct?
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Right now i am on F1 2020.

When I turn into a corner and reach the point where the tires lose grip because the steering angle becomes too acute, the G29 just keeps turning without giving me any feedback that the tires are slipping and I should open the steering or reduce speed.

With the gamepad this doesn't matter, the game tells me how far the car can actually turn, even when I'm at the controller in full swing.

This drives me crazy, because it takes away any feeling for the speed of the curve.
The steering wheel is slightly lighter (i.e. about the same as it feels in a real car).
Is it because of my setting, or the combination G29 + F1 2020?

Any ideas or suggestions would be really awesome :)
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Daniel R.

I don't use F1 2020, so I can't comment on the game.
In the settings don't use stuff like damping and return spring effects.

Maybe this already helps. Do you have another sim for testing?
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