G29 - no wheel weight for ~45 degrees


Original poster
Nov 27, 2018
Recently I've been having some weird issues with my G29 - until I get to about 45 degrees of rotation to either side, there's absolutely no wheel weight. I do get FFB, in that I can feel curbs and get resistance when trying to correct a slide, but there's absolutely zero wheel resistance when driving normally. After about 45 degrees, the wheel weight suddenly increases, after seemingly hitting a wall at the end of the deadzone (I didn't set any steering wheel deadzones though).
It happened after a seemingly unrelated change - I added some low deadzone for my brake, which after coming off the brakes sometimes still seemed to detect some pressure (maybe 1-2 %).
I did recently have to deactivate the FFBclip app, after it seemed to be causing the game to crash when loading a session, but that didn't seem to cause it yet, at least it didn't happen immediately afterwards.
I'm using Content Manager btw, if it may be relevant.

Also, the problem doesn't occur in any other sim, only in AC.

Has anyone else had this problem and/or knows how to fix it?