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g27 wheel re trim

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Neil Tasker, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. Neil Tasker

    Neil Tasker

    well after buying my sli pro wheel plate from simracing hardware for my g27, i,ve decide the logitec wheels is what i wanna keep but my only trouble is the leather really is not agreeing with my hands,

    i,ve done the obvisous and tried goves to soften thing alittle nbut it no good so i,ve decide the g27 wheel is going for a suade re trim, tbh i think logitec should do a suade version of the g27 i think it would be a popular choice,

    has anyone done this before or got any pic of the g27 wheel in suade and does any now of any good wheel trimers

    many thansk neil
  2. Roadster-2


    Hi Neil. Might have something of interest but it's not finished yet. I've successfully mounted a Joytech Williams F1 wheel to a G27 wheelbase, leaving the original G27 shifters in use. I have also sourced cables with connectors to suit the switch connectors on the G27 pcb. Still outstanding is that I need to add some small tactile switches to the Joytech pcb to enable the top three buttons on each side to work, as replacements for the switches on the original G27 wheel.

    The rubberised type coating on these wheels has a really good feel to it. So much so that I've been using the wheel for six or seven weeks even without the switches. It's comfortable even after a 2 -3 hour session.

    I have three of four of these and am planning on selling them once the switches are sorted. Capable users could add the use of the extra buttons and the LED panel by fitting a Leo Bodnar SLI-M board.

    If you're still into saloon car racing then you may prefer the G27/Suede idea but I thought I'd mention it.

  3. Eifion Evans

    Eifion Evans

    I'd like to re trim my G27 with alcantara/suede type material as well. Getting this done proffesionally would cost a lot though I imagine just in labour :(