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  1. Marcel Renato

    Marcel Renato

    Would you like to help me set up the g27 wheel.
    The steering wheel does not correspond to the number of turns. How many degrees should I leave?
    The wheel turns very little.
  2. jimortality


    I know this one, If you go into your user data and controller then steering wheel range, you will find it set to 270 and here you can insert 540 or 720 in here and that should give you more turn on the game wheel. I think :unsure: or if this is not the answer then maybe you can alter steeing degrees in the game controller from 14 to maybe 21 or 22 :unsure:
  3. Nox


    Increase the steering lock until it feels right; I have a 270 degree wheel so I use 12-14 degrees. I'd imagine you need at least 24 with the G27, but not having one I can't check for you sorry.
  4. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    rFactor Senior Club Manager Premium

    I run on 720deg in my logitech profiler, in game i use 25 to 28 deg of lock
    in my controller .ini i change this setting to 720
    H:\FTruck2013\UserData\Controller/Rupe Wilson

    (open with notepad)

    [ General Controls ]
    Analog Control Filter="0" // 0 = off, 31 = on, or add which inputs you want filtered 1=throttle, 2=brake, 4=handbrake, 8=steering, 16=clutch
    Filter Samples="3" // how many samples to use (3-10, lowest and highest are thrown out)
    Reset FFB Time="0.00000" // reset force feedback every X seconds (0 to disable)
    Fixed Rate Inputs="1" // whether to sample joystick/wheel inputs in a thread for better precision
    Auto Reverse="0" // If auto-shifting and holding brakes, will shift into reverse and reverse throttle/brake temporarily
    Steer Ratio Speed="0.00000" // Speed at which low speed steering lock override ends (for pit navigation, units are meters/sec, 0.0 to disable)
    Speed Sensitive Steering="0.00000"
    Keyboard Layout Override="0" // 0 = default, 1 = try Windows conversion, 2+ = attempt to use one of the existing supported keyboard layouts
    Keyboard Weighted="0" // New force-based method for keyboard controls for more natural inputs
    Keyboard Flags="1" // Try 5 if there are issues with multimedia keys. Add to include flag: 1=foreground, 2=exclusive, 4=allow windows key
    Keyboard Damping="1.60000" // This is the damping factor for the weighted method (2.0 = critical, < 2.0 = underdamped, > 2.0 = overdamped
    Keyboard Steering="0.19931"
    Keyboard Throttle="0.49724"
    Keyboard Brake="0.49724"
    Keyboard Clutch="0.19931"
    Mimic Steering="0" // Mimic AI or pitlane assistance with force feedback
    Gear Select Button Hold="1" // Enable this option if using a gear select device that holds down a joystick button while in a gear and releases all buttons in neutral (such as the Act-Labs USB Shifter)
    Alternate Neutral Activation="0" // whether to select neutral if shift up & shift down are pressed simultaneously
    Alternate Rearlook Activation="1" // if left look and right look are both pressed, rearlook becomes activated
    Steering Wheel Range="720" // Degrees of rotation of in-game steering wheel
    Minimum Controller Buttons="2" // Increase if not enough buttons are being accepted (meaning we need to override a driver bug)
    HMD Pitch Exponent="1.00000" // Exponent to apply to pitch tracking. > 1.0 makes tracking

    Now my wheel in my race rig will match the wheel on the screen
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  5. Marcel Renato

    Marcel Renato

    Thank you guys problem resolved.
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