G27 Settings to get more of that "iracing" feeling?

Ok I am quite new to the simracing world, and for now I only tried Iracing, Assetto Corsa and RF2.

My 2 favs are Iracing and Assetto corsa, I really like the handling of those 2.

But I tried tons of settings on my g27 for Assetto Corsa and I can't seem to find something that is close to Iracing recommended g27 settings.

Do you think that maybe this game is not for me? Or does someone here knows g27 settings that could give me little more tension like Iracing does.

In Iracing I can feel the bump and the tyres loosing traction much more, in Assetto corsa as soon as I try to turn things up to get that same feeling its rattling all over the place !

Please help and do not troll please I don't want to start another "DAT SIM VS DAT SIM" war thread !

==> For now I use assetto corsa recommended settings and went from there to try to improve a bit but I have no clue what I am doing...


Tuning? I'm so confused ...
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I had a similar situation with my Fanatec CSR-E.

What I did was start with the baseline and then one slider at a time, max it out to full affect and then do a quick drive with it. Taking note of what changed and what it felt like. Then I'd start backing it down till it felt right or closer. If I couldn't discern what changed, I just left it at default.

Then on to the next slider and repeat. Keeping in mind the different sliders can have an effect on the previous slider.

It took me a couple of days to get the feel right, but it was well worth it.

Keep in mind everyone is different in what kind of feel they like in their sim. Some like a heavier wheel, some like it softer, some like tons of feedback, some want it dialed back. Basically what I'm trying to say is, if you find someones settings and they say they are perfect, they may not be for you.
if you mean tension in the center of the wheel, i think it's simply not possible in AC. as for feeling bumps and traction, there are pretty specific sliders for those things iirc.

i myself am quite boring about ffb, i do what the devs recommend, check clipping with each car, & pretty much forget about it. AC has unique ffb & afaik its just not going to feel like iracing, but you should obviously be able to feel bumps & grip to your satisfaction. someone who knows more (ie, anything) about ffb than me can perhaps tell you what AC sliders to pump up/disable to get a feel similar to iR.

the recommended settings are here http://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php?threads/suggested-wheel-setups-ac-early-access.1439/ but given that, as i said, its a very different ffb than iracing i don't think those are the ones you're looking for. still worth a shot. from a clipping perspective, they work very well for me with stock (kunos) cars. when tuning ofc turn on the pedals app and watch the ffb bar; it shouldnt go red if youre on the track. if it does, youre losing feel.
Thank you for the answers. I hope some people also have other insight into this I will try to put time on this also. So much settings to get comfortable in a sim... Already took me two full evenings to get the best Visual/performance balance..
More iRacing feel? Send me $13 a month and turn the texture quality to medium...

Then add in the best online racing experience available anywhere, stat tracking, more content, and maybe you'll have comparable products. Otherwise its apples and oranges.

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Then add in the best online racing experience available anywhere, stat tracking, more content, and maybe you'll have comparable products. Otherwise its apples and oranges.

I actually get all that with my free account to Race2play...

To be honest, nothing against iRacing, but I only have time to race once or twice a week, so I never could up my rating to get past anything faster than a Miata. (And I am generally very fast) It was not conducive to pick up and race if you're not solely racing that sim, as any lack of pace or any mistake out of the box would keep your rating from going up.

Sorry for the hijack. I race mainly with a Fanatec CSR wheel, but I have a g27 also and used it with AC, there just seems to be too much of an FFB dead zone. I had to crank up the gain, but then the vibrations off course would be too strong, even with the "effects" turned down. It seems Kunos is pretty favorable to Thrustmaster and Fanatec gear, but they are missing the G27 crowd. Have you looked for any 3rd party adjustments like they have for pCARs? I know that mod did wonders for me for that sim.