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G27 settings need help

Discussion in 'GTR 2' started by seamount, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. seamount


    Hi i am new on GTR2 (but not to sim racing), well i discovered GTR2 F1 1971 mod and i want to play it (maybe because i saw the race "live" in Monza in 1971 - was 7 years old, and still remember flashes about it, and the jackie's tyrrell I touched with my little hand after the race).

    but coming to gtr2, (and sorry for my bad English ...)
    when i am in corner and i turn the wheel, i am not syncronized with the ingame wheel that i see on the screen (it always turn much less than I do) ... but it is not just visual; it seems to me that i am not able to turn as i should (in the first Monza chicane for example) ... just to better explain, even when i start the car engine and come out of my box, i am not able to turn without "touching" the little wall in front of the box.

    i use 540 in the profiler and usually 18 steering lock, ...

    which suggestion do you have (I use GTR for F1 driving, but i have the same problem (visual and not just visual) with GT cars.

    one last word: i use FEELSREAL mod, but anyway; may you tell me which settings you use ?
  2. David Wright

    David Wright

    The only way for the in-game wheel to exactly match your G27 rotation is to set your G27 to around 240 degrees of lock. Many people who can see their own wheel when looking at their computer screen turn off the in-game wheel and you can do this if you find the difference in rotation distracting.

    To get a steering ratio close to real life, the steering lock in the garage set-up screen should be around

    degrees in profiler/24

    So if you use 540 degrees in profiler you should use 22.5 degrees of lock in the garage set-up screen.
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