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G27 Rotary Encoder

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by xownage133, Aug 16, 2014.

  1. xownage133


    Hey guys,

    So, after having my G27 since the end of 2010 I've found the first issue: Whenever I go over a curb, the wheel off-centeres itself slightly to the left/right. Like, it loses its center position. Same when I make quick corrections with the wheel. In fact, quick corrections are even worse than going over a curb in terms of wheel alignment being offset.
    I've Googled around a bit and found that the problem is probably the rotary encoder. So, I opened up my G27 and found the rotary encoder. It didn't look that much damaged. I did spot a few cracks however in the encoder but they were ever so slight cracks. Still, it probably causes the issue. I screwed everything back together and tried to drive again but without result: Still the same issue.
    I definitely don't think I'll be able to race for 20 laps, the wheel becomes off-centered more lap after lap.

    Is there anyone out here which has/had the same issue in the past? If so, please let me know if you've found the fix for this issue. Some people said that it's a good idea to buy a new encoder from this company: http://www.cmlaserservice.com/
    What do you guys think about this issue? Please let me know.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Primaguida


    Wow, I had the same issue but it wasn't so serious. I changed my wheel even becouse of that, from G25 to G27. I hope somebody can help you.
  3. Ville Leppala

    Ville Leppala

    Wouldnt it be best to just buy a new wheel? Pretty sure u can get one second hand with like 80-100e. Ive never had any centering issues with my g27 so i cant help.
  4. Georg Winter

    Georg Winter

    maybe try to find a good value for this line in your Controller.JSON:
    "Reset FFB Time":0,
    "Reset FFB Time#":"reset force feedback every X seconds (0 to disable)",
  5. BlkJello


    You actually can fix it with alittle time and patience. ;) Go here and look thru the page.

    i had the EXACT same problem as you and fixed it. i thought i saw cracks in mine but when i got my 10x loupe i discoverd that they were just casting marks and plastic flash. My encoder was flush with the end of the shaft.....so i just put a drop of epoxy on the end of the shaft... and also a drop at the other side...making sure to have epoxy touch both the plastic and steel shaft.
    Assembled it back up and its been running strong everyday over a year now. Just make sure that you keep ALL DUST Away and out of the encoder wheel. And degrease both areas of bond with a qtip and alcohol. :thumbsup:;)
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  6. Rob van Starkenburg

    Rob van Starkenburg

    I had the problem last year and i did exactly that! I bought the new encoder which is made out of brass. So it wont crack again. If you buy a new wheel, eventually you will get the same problem. Because the original one is made out of plastic. And although, like you said the damage seemed little. Its still for 100% sure that is causing your problem.
    So my advice, buy the encoder and replace it. Just like i did.

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  7. Dmitry Zaharov

    Dmitry Zaharov

    I had this problem too. I used a drop of superglue to stop plastic encoder from spinning freely on motor shaft (this is what caused misalignment). After some time it shattered completely, so I bought brass encoder. It works great since then. I can only recommend it, G27 is too good to just throw away.
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2014
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