G27 Pedals - BU0836-LC - Help

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Evan Madore, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. Evan Madore

    Evan Madore

    I am in need of assistance on a project I have started. I don't know if it me being overly tired and in lack of spare time or what...

    I have a set of G27 pedals that are torn apart from their housing. The brake pedal I fit a cost efficient load cell too (which works amazing I might add). The problems arise with the gas and clutch.

    The clutch fully up begins at 0% as it should. Full pedal throw only gets me to 90%. No big deal here, I figure I could just adjust that in DXTweak.

    The gas is the BIG problem. The pedal fully up starts me at 35%. From there, I reach 100% at about 2/3 of the pedal travel. That means the hole last third of travel is deadzone.

    I was right by an electronics shop, so I picked up a couple of same spec pots. I had to cut down the shaft length and continue the flat further toward the threading of the pot. No big deal really.

    Anyway, that is where I am at. Any advice on how to get this going? Right now I am just baffled.
  2. fabien25


    hello are u configurate pot in game controler ?