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G27 or G920 for new sim games?

I started out with a DFP, then DFGT, then G25 to now using G920 with shifter. I was literally just given a perfectly working G27. I cleaned it up as it was really dusty. Obviously hadn't been used in quite some time. The guy who gave it to me took it from a coworker who was throwing it out because it was taking space. My luck!! My question is........for newer games like AMS2, R3E, PC2, and ACC which are the 4 I play most, is it worth hooking up the G27 and using it instead? I like the LED lights, but is this not worth the effort? Either way, one wheel will be sold. The G920 pedals are supposed to be better, so I can hook them up to the G27. The G27 shifter works with GT Legends for all 6 gears, not just 4 like the G force shifter. I know the buttons on the G27 shifter won't work using the G920. Sure, there are some downsides, but is the G920 the better wheel to keep as is, or is the G27 worth using? Thanks for any input all.
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