g27 clutch pedal issue

My clutch pedal comes up at random fully pressed. As if it spikes up. Most of the times it is acting as if I'm just shifting another gear. This usually is happening at long rest pause for clutch on a big straight. Then again, sometimes it gets even stuck fully pressed.

Anyway, I've opened the case. Cleaned it all up. Opened the potentiometer and wiped it out. I've sprayed them with anti static spray, the whole deal.

I'm not quite sure to say I'd need a replacement potentiometer. My wheel is only 4 months old.

Has anyone had this issue yet? Is there any hommade solution to it? Please help.
Strange the contact spray workaround worked fine on my G25 pedals and they are more than 5 years old. If you bought it new, I would try to get it replaced by logitech, because it is not normal and what you did solves the usual spiking problem. Maybe you got a bad batch of pedals.
Well, mate. It's just this one potentiometer. I would much rather buy a spare one and replace it. Instead of whole hustle of sending pedals to dealer or Logitech. But, atm so far I don't seem able to identify any replacement.

Would be very kind if someone has buying replacement pots for g27 to share some light on this.
Having recently noticed that clutch was spiking up - down when I was changing direction of wheel axis (left or right), I checked all the wiring in pedals, but that didn't do much.

Some time having past, I rechecked the wheel base. Serviced for some grease and figured I'd also check the wiring while there. Viola, wow it fixed the clutch. It wasn't even visible that anything was hanging, but it simply fixed the issue.

So there you have it, if dusting your pedals don't help with spiking, it might be wiring, within the wheel base!