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G27 Centering force problem

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Chris, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. Chris

    Staff Premium

    Hi guys,

    I recently bought a G27, however, I'm semi struggling to get it to work with f1 2012.
    The centering force when I try to turn the wheel feels like its too strong. I can turn the car in, but I have to pretty much wrestle it. And I don't want to damage the motors in the wheel, because they feel like they're resisting any turning that I do.

    Then as soon as I pause the game, the wheel slackens off, and I can turn it. But the when I get back into the game, it stiffens up again. It can be turned, but it feels more difficult than it should be.

    I don't why this is happening, or is it supposed to happen? I don't know. Has anyone else had this?

    My settings are:
    Special force feedback - ON
    Overall effects strength - 99%
    Spring effects strength - 0%
    Damper effects strength - 0%

    Enable centering spring - ON - 0%

    Use special steering wheel settings - ON
    Report combined pedals - OFF
    Degrees of rotation - 250

    Use special game settings - ON
    Allow game to adjust settings - OFF

    And my in game force feedback is 30, 30, 20.

    I don't have any other racing games to compare it with, so I don't know if its a problem with the wheel, or a problem with the game.

    I've tried every option within the confines of the profiler, but nothing seems to make the wheel any easier to turn.
    I've never had a G27 before, so I don't know if this is something that is supposed be happening.

    Any assistance would be hugely appreciated.

  2. bogdantw


    Reading your findings suggests to me it's the Wheel Weight setting which may be the source of the trouble.
    Try setting it to 0 and see if it makes a difference (I think it should)

    Personally I prefer zero wheel weight, I find the effect quite artificial and that it tends to smear quite a lot the subtler nuances of the actual FFB.

    If zero wheel weight doesn't change things, try instead to set in the Logitech profiler 'Allow game to adjust settings' to ON. Reload the game and see if it's better.

    Alternatively you can try Roberto Costa's excellent mod: http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/realistic-ffb-v3-0.58040/
    If you like more subtle FFB I'd recommend using the "Realistic Low Tarmac" file.
    Again, try with and without wheel weight.

    Good luck and let me know how it goes.