G27 Alignment issues

Greg Latty

Ok so, A little over a month ago my g27 wasnt calibrating anymore so i took it apart to find this

The optical sensor wheel was destroyed. So I ordered the brass wheel replacement
and all was well for a week or so. Now if I turn the wheel to fast the wheel goes out of alignment slightly. so if i have the wheel straight, the car in game would be slightly to the right or left until I unplug the wheel and let it recalibrate. Anyone ever have this issue? What could be causing this after a week of it being fine?

Greg Latty

Tighten(and use some locktite on these screws ) sensor's PCB screws. And you may want to glue that brass replacement to the shaft.

https://www.ifixit.com/Answers/View/90041/How can I fix calibration problem

But most likely just the sensor got loose so some tightening and little bit of locktite to lock the screws in place will do the trick.
Yah I used loctite (actually used a higher grade automotive threadlocker) on this screws when I replaced the sensor wheel. I'm going take it apart and glue the wheel to the shafts. Thanks for your reply