FVRV8 2010


I've just installed FVRV8 V1.6C Full Install (FVRV8 2010 v1.6C FULL INSTALL.exe) and that installed fine but then I realised there were update patches (1.6C to 1.6D) FVRV8_2010_v1.6D_PATCH_for_1.6C.exe and 1.6D to 1.6E (FVRV8_2010_v1.6E_PATCH_for_1.6D.exe) both patches trigger Norton which says the program is behaving suspiciously.

I then found 1.6D Full Install (FVRV8_2010_v1.6D_FULL_INSTALL.exe) and 1.6E Full Install (FVRV8_2010_v1.6E_FULL_INSTALL.rar) the 1.6D Full Install again triggered Norton (See attached pic).

V1.6E is just a .RAR and doesn't have a setup program like all the above.

I'm assuming these are false positives?

Is there any disadvantage (do I miss anything) using the 1.6E .RAR instead of the Installer?

Do the FVR guys know about this?




seriously i think its just Norton being its usual crap over protective self, ive got it installed and have never had any warnings from my virus protection
Yeah to be honest I've had FVR stuff in GTR-E etc so I do trust them but you never know when an infection can slip under the radar, seems odd that 1.6c doesn't trigger it but later versions do, maybe they have changed the installer?.

I'm gonna see if I can submit it to Symantec.

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