EU FVR V8 Supercars @ Bathurst - Saturday 07 Dec 2019

Igor Rog

Mar 17, 2019
I wonder if anyone can give me an advice on tire management.

I noticed that I was getting a massive traction boost after tires had reached ~ 75 C. Does anyone know what is more likely cause of this: tire temp reaching optimal values or pressure building up enough? I myself lean towards the pressure assumption because I was getting only around 1.70 bar hot, which seems low, but this grip boost comes and goes relatively quickly with the surface temps, so I'm not really sure


SpeedyMite Racing
Feb 3, 2009
Andy, I know what you mean, I am also recording..welcome aboard :thumbsup:
Why oh why does this have to clash with the Joshua / Ruiz dust up :cry:
Guess I'm just gonna have to record the boxing and hope there are no spoilers during the race. Sign me up please Craig :D
Sadly I'm going to have to sign out of this :(
Hopefully we'll have some more V8 Supercars events though before too long...
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