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Fully Anonymous Site Usage


I would like to request the option to only ever present an alias, not a real name, anywhere on the site, even for those logged in, and even for premium members to, aid those people around the world who may risk having aliases more easily traced back to them because of their real name usage on a site like Race Department.

I understand Real Names usage helps in races and is, in fact, needed for credit payments, and the like, but anonymity is becoming increasingly important as free and open democracies forget their values and cancel culture accelerates.

Some people have better reputations for their aliases than they do for their real names anyway.

Some context,

In Ontario, Canada, today, our provincial leader had instituted a police state style emergency action that gave police the power to detain and question anybody without reason - all in the name of covid.

The announcement was actually yesterday and incredibly within 12 hours police forces across the province tweeted out they would NOT enforce random stops.

We got lucky. And our premier reversed course only after a loud day of protest offline and online.

What it shows us is that free and open democracies are having trouble right now knowing what's right. Those brave enough to speak risk backlash, dox'ing, and cancellation.

I think it would be great if we could be one of those sites where privacy is an option.


Respectfully, likewise.

What you're saying, while wise in its skepticism, appears to stem from lack of technical knowledge.

I have much experience in software development and server and network administration so I'm relatively comfortable in what I'm saying.
Then let's agree to disagree :).