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GTR2 full of mod questions (the revenge)

Hi again, everybody...;)

gtr2 even after years since its launch, seems to have no horizon, at least to me, there are so many, so many mods that we could spend years discovering them .....
unfortunately I do not have that time, (even in absolute quarantine, and without work), so I have to ask those who know ...:)

Before asking you should know that::O_o:
I only play gtr2 endurace style: only circuits with night lighting (lamp posts).
I said it a thousand times., and I repeat it again..my pc is a king potato (only intel i5 3.4ghz- video onboard intel HD grapichs)

In addition to the stock circuits (all have night lighting) I have these:

Salzburgring 2009 by COm8 GTR2 V1.1

... I have all of virtua lm (except fuji, which have a bug), and only -only- circuits with night lighting. I know there are other tracks of excellent quality, but when it is night, everything is dark ... even in the pits:cautious:. (neither touring circuits) that is why I do not choose or use them. I have a rule: circuits only with night lighting, and ONLY friendly fps.
the above mentioned tracks have (very) friendly fps
The use of stock tracks, or above-mentioned mod tracks have the following performance in fps:
day: 60-120 fps
at night with night lighting: 40-90fps (depending on where the car aims)
at night with rain and night lighting: 30-60fps (under these conditions I use it very rarely)
all this only with video onboard (and low-med graphics)

1-I do not have any "neel jani" circuit, I have tried them and they are excellent ... but when it is at night ... and only when the night lighting turns on ... PUM the fps drop to 18-30 fps. ..:cry:it is only in its circuits and only when the lamp posts are turned on. I had to discard all his circuits. (that's why I don't mention them above) apparently they use a new light effect ..
Any way to change them?

2-fuji vlm: they have a bug, in the classification (first or second, it is random) one of ia's cars, appears floating in one of the trees:roflmao: ... not in his garage (more than 20 cars) (end sector 1). causing a yellow flag, and the lap times are reduced ... then in the race, the game places him in front of me ...
any solution? It is a very popular circuit ... I do not understand how nobody saw it ... I have downloaded it from various sites ... they all have the same problem.

now come rare questions or taboo:

As I use gtr2 only for gt or group C cars, I only use these mods:
-Group C IMSA GTP 1983-1993 Mod for GTR2 by Merlin75
-grid gt (only gt-LM and gt-D cars)

3- I saw at least 3 different mods from group C, as I only use the one above (it contains 46 group C cars !!!) I ask:
Is there a more complete or more detailed mod than that? Another one with better physics? ... I ask this to those who have spent years or have tried many mods.

4- I have seen a mod containing GT3 cars from the years 2019-20 :cautious::whistling:
Has anyone tried them? Is it dangerous (virus)? Do they have good physics or are they just pretty models and nothing else? FPS FRIENDLY?
Is there a similar mod?

5-in addition to the cars of group C, the 2003-2004 gt1s that come with the game, the modern gt3s ...... I am missing 2 kinds of cars: the group 5 (like those of the drm), and one of touring cars.
(not to mention the bpr mod, which I didn't like)

Before, I used the DRM Revival Mod v2.0b by merlin 75 mod ... but as I mentioned in a previous thread, it was only a conversion, its handling was very rare.:cautious:
Has anyone tried the mod "eSR Classic Trophy 2014 v1.01"? This has a long list of group 5 cars. Is there a similar one? How are their physics?:O_o:

6-about tourist cars I know nothing (wtcc or btcc) ... I used the mod "
eSR World Touring Car Series v1.01 "that contains all the wtcc cars from 2005-2013 (!!!) .... but I was not convinced ... if they know a more complete or more realistic physics (or more" old "style), let me know ...
(I have read that the golden era of the tourism car -btcc or wtcc- was in the 90's) but there are many mods and I am lost.

Thank you.
Last edited:
thank you very much for all your help and your comments ....
but ... we are going off topic, if you want you can open other threads to talk.

-About lemans, as I said very far above, I do not use circuits without night lighting ... and also as I mentioned, in addition to the vlm lemans 96, 2012, and that of neel jani, there are no others with lighting ...
and I particularly, do not use any neel jani circuit, due to performance problems, they are very demanding in fps, their lighting is very "new" in effects ... I don't know what happens, but it is unplayable, so I discarded everyone the nj circuits.

each one chooses which is its approach to gtr2. and which mods you choose. in my case, only the circuits with lights, cars group C, wtcc, and gt3.

Another topic: ... yes, there are many mods, but from the WTCR, none, or none on "free" forums. As I said, there is only the "Seat Leon Cup Racer 2014 v1.0 GTR2", it is spectacular, but it is only a convergence, it lacks more polish in terms of bugs (tires, and those for use in water). If you know another, let me know.

FRIENDS, I will close the topic, (I do not even know how it is done), but they understand me, I will not be in this thread anymore. I will create another for another topic.

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