Full course yellow mod?


Hi, Is it possible to reduce the amount of laps the safety car does when full course yellow comes out.
It would be nice if the safety car came out and cars caught up then it did 1 more lap instead of 2 or 3.
I tried following the workshop guide editing the .rfm file but i keep getting this error -( Mod "My New Mod 1.0" failed to verify, removed from inventory) whenever i try to play.
Cheers, Neil.
You have to include the (edited) rfm when you package the rfmod. If you try to extract the rfm, edit it and resave it back into an existing MOD, it will give that type of error.

See "Creating a MOD package" page 12 (of the PDF) here. Click the "customize" checkbox, then click the B icon to the right where is says rfm file. https://www.studio-397.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/rF2_Packaging_Tutorial.pdf

This tutorial skips that step but will walk you through the rest.

If it doesn't work I can try to find a better tutorial.
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