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Full controller list and instructions

Discussion in 'Formula Truck 2013' started by Glen Orpheus, May 19, 2013.

  1. Glen Orpheus

    Glen Orpheus

    Hi peeps

    Does anybody have a detailed list of what the controls do or how and when they should be used.
    I know the obvious ones like steering pedals shifters, it's all the other stuff on there and no instructions
    I can find anywhere.

    I've got a mic, I see option for voice ptt tried it and nothing lol, do I need other software, is it handled by ft, who knows, no instructions.
    What is LCD, what are the quick chats for lol. The list goes on.

    Anyhow you get the point, I'm new to sim racing on the PC, in fact I left behind PC gaming altogether about 7 years ago in favour of the simple Eggbox 360.
    I feel I have much to learn (",)
  2. Roger Snead

    Roger Snead

    LCD Mode when mapped will toggle different modes of on track info. Other than that mate, I'm in the same boat, as you well know. ;)