Fuel, Tyres and R&D

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  1. stevehaz_uk


    Just a few general queries....

    I run 50% career races.... when I am in practise and I want to simulate race start conditions ... under engine settings do I use 50 odd laps or 26 odd laps?

    I understand that there is no tyre scaling in the career mode of this game. Does this mean that when my Engineer tells me to change tyres I could stay out? When it rains will my pit crew give me the correct tyres or do I need to tell them before I pit?.. and will my engineer tell me when say inters or wets are required?

    My engineer sometimes tells me that the R&D that I passed has failed, is there anywhere to confirm this and list what improvements have been applied?

    These have prob been answered before so bear with me thanks for any replies...
  2. Dan Hawkins

    Dan Hawkins

    From my experience the 100% load is completely diff to 50% mate, so do it to the laps, but remember if you select cautious strategy, put a few extra laps in :thumbsup: