Fuel Simulation ?

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    The search option was disabled (?) and I didn't find a thread about my issue, so here it goes :

    I've done 5 races till now (about to start in Monaco) and every race my pace is much slower than top 10 drivers.
    I use only one aid which is automatic gearbox and difficulty level is professional (legend is a bit too difficult). I do 50% races.

    I practice a lot each time! And I try a lot of different combination to see how hard I can push in certain situation. Different setups, tyres, fuel loads, .. even with a lot of fuel and worn out tyres. So in most of the cases I know what pace I should have.
    My qualifications have been great : 3 podiums and two times 5th with Williams. But I struggled a lot in races. Not only I've been a lot slower than top 10 drivers, but I couldn't even match my own pace from practice (where like I said I "simulate" different situation).

    Last race in Catalunya I wanted to adjust my setup before race and I saw fuel load on 66 laps and I couldn't change it, like the rest of setup. What's wrong with that btw? Sometimes you can and sometimes it's just grey and non-adjustable. Anyway, in the beginning of the race I chose fuel-mix 3 (richest) and after 33 laps I still had +3 laps on my hub, which shouldn't happen, I presume? My best lap, 26 with fresh options, was ridiculously slow : 1.23.5xx where it at least should be 1.22.xxx and normally 1.21.xxx . And 1.23.xxx is pretty close to times I did in the practice with 20-30laps fuel load and options.

    So off course my first thought was that the fuel simulation is kind of screwed up(in my case) or I should be able change fuel load?

    Is it possible that what I just said is any true or is it complete rubbish and I should train more? :tongue:
    Because it's very frustrating, I drive as fast as I can, really and I'm about second slower than in practice pace (same setup, fuel-load, tyres, KERS and DRS).

    Thanks in advance.