FSR - Roaldo Racing keeps improving: Valencia review

The Roaldo Racing team had a good weekend in the AutoGP FSR World Championship in Valencia. The team that is sponsored by PartyPokerRacing.com and Allrace.net, qualified 4th (Fredrik Nilsson) and 6th (Mathieu Prevot) on the grid.

At the start, Fredrik didn't anticipate well and lost a position. Mathieu who took a better start had to slow down a bit for the first corner as he was behind his teammate at that time. The first few laps was exciting and fair. Near the end of the race, the team had problems with the engine and brakes, which ment Fredrik had to back of from the Precision Motorsports car in front of him. The team finished the race as 5th and 6th, which is the best result so far for the Dutch team in the Orange car!

Roald Reurink (team-manager): "The start is always tricky, if we can pass the first few laps without damage, we got the car and the drivers to fight in the Top-5. We keep improving and found a better racepace, the gap to the two front teams is closing. We hope that at Silverstone, a track which suits us more, to score our first podium. Special thanks to Dan Rasmusson, our race/data engineer, for instructing the drivers and let them both finish. This was important due to the small problems to the car."

Fredrik Nilsson: "Great qualifying once again, 4th.
This time we were pretty confident of having better race pace, and this turned out to be the case. Start was pretty bad though, but I managed to defend against Hähnel and overtake Mikkonen in the first stint, so I was in a good position for the remainder of the race. However, Mikkonen picked up his pace in the final stages of the race so he overtook me instead. The brakes looked pretty critical also, so in the end I did not bother to try and take the position back, but save the car for a 5th place instead. My team mate did very well also in finishing 6th, bringing home some good points for Roaldo Racing. Now we are looking forward to Silverstone."

Mathieu Prevot: "Good qualification, 1 tenth behind my personal best. Toke a good start, but 'Fred' just in front of me didn't take a good start and i had to brake a little and lose 3 positions with that. Then was behind David Greco who was slow and had oversteering problems, I had great fight with him and an other but don't remember his name! Then pit was ok and finish in 6th position, a good result considering I didn't practice much on this track. Lets turn on silverstone which is more a track for me!"

It is unsure yet if the Roaldo Racing team will drive with the new RR-02 or if they stick with the special 'World Cup' livery. The RR-02 is still under heavy testing and a photo has been leaked.


Good results guys keep it going, and Fred it's time you gonna get a podium now. As to the livery, keep the wc livery its cool and brings some luck.:cool:
A really good race for us indeed. We had some good results before this season, with a 5th place in Barcelona and a 4th place in Turkey, but those results came to us by some luck with crashes in front of us and disconnections for some drivers. At Valencia we proved that we can do it without any extra help, which is good for our confidence.
At the start of the season it did not look very good for us, we were miles off pace in Australia and in Malaysia we had a pitlane start so we could not show our pace improvement, but in China things started to go better, and we would have had some points already there if it weren't for an unfortunate pit lane incident.
For Spain we had a much welcomed addition to our team in the shape of the French man Mathieu Prost.. sorry, Prévot, who contributed a lot to the setup improvement. From Spain and onwards we have been stronger and stronger by the race, but we still lack some pieces in the setup compared to the top teams.
We hope that Silverstone will hide some of those flaws so that we can try to fight for the top places once again.
I would also like to thank our manager Roald Reurink for giving me the opportunity to race in the FSR World Championship and for believing in me when results weren't so good at the beginning. Therefore I am very motivated to try to have a good result once again!
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