FSR - Roaldo Racing goes home dissapointed: Silverstone review

A weekend where both Roaldo Racing GTomegaRacing.com were again up to speed, right there in the Top5 amongst the fast drivers of PM and Twister. The last weekends the team improved and searched for ways to take the first victory of the year!

Roald Reurink: "In Silverstone it was Fredrik Nilsson who tried with a 1-stopper to be the first to cross the finish line. The tactic was solid, however not tested before hand, as his engineer Dan Rasmusson came with the idea just before the race. Due to two mistakes Fredrik lost his 4th position which he would surely have. No win, no points, it was a dissapointing weekend for Fredrik. Nonetheless the times were there and that is promising for the remainder of the season!

Mathieu didn't had a good race aswell, qualification was good, our racepace should have been good too. However Mathieu had problems at the start of the race. The good news is that he scored some valuable points for our road to the 5th place in the constructors standings!"

Mathieu Prevot: "What a bad race! qualfying good 1.5 tenth behind my PB starting from 5 th position Morris was really agressive and passed me i didn't try to keep my position then he try to attack fred and he did a small spin and had to brake to don't touch him and loose there 3 positions and after the car was really bad to drive to did a early pit a 12 th lap and 9 sec in the pit!! to repair

Then the car was really better but i was far, too far disapointed because i could be in 4 th position"

Fredrik Nilsson: "Qualifying was better than expected, managed to get a good lap together.

The race would be very uncertain. We could have gone for the usual option of doing a 2-stopper, but to we decided to go for a 1-stopper to see if we could get into the top mix.
The car was absolutely horrible to drive in the first stint though, and I was very inconsistent since I did not practice on hard tyres before. In the end we think a 4th place would have been certain, but a stupid mistake of not knowing where the pit entry line is located, I got two stop and go penalties and called it a day. I was quite frustrated about it of course since we would have brought some good points home again, but sometimes you have these bad races. We head to Hockenheim pretty confident that Roaldo GtOmegaRacing.com can get a good result!"

Up to Hockenheim!


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