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FSR Nostalgia

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mark Aalberts, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. Mark Aalberts

    Mark Aalberts

    Yeah i was cleaning up some files on my HDD and reorganise some stuff when i accidently stumbled across a vid made in 2005. We go back to Canada 2005 a season where Twister dominance started and one of their main drivers was rising star Dennis Hirrle.:) I cant remember how many races they won all i know is that we had a hard time to beat them, it was my first year in FSR debuted for Hernj GP (old Roaldo Racing team) and debuted in 2004 with 3 subsitute races in the World Championship. For Dennis 2005 was his first full year in the World Championship as well, he already did some WS races in late 2004 i think but over the winter season he progressed quikly into a quick decent driver.

    I was team m8 with Christian Neumann that year for Hernj GP, he managed to win 3 races and i won a race as well and we got 2nd in constructor championship. That year was the last year when we used the f1 games from the EA sequence F1 Challenge. For sure the competition that year was no near to what it is today, still it was a difficult season with several strong drivers taking part in the WC. That year there are actualy a couple of races that still reminds me, one of it being a rain race at Spa where i was driving in 3th position but misserably messed up my race giving away a podium and the first year we racet at Bahrain is still clear to me as Christian and me took a front row for qualifying. I believe i actualy led the first laps of that race as well just to mess up my race though, i believe that Christian managed to win that race.

    I can still remember the nerve wrecking qualifying sessions in those days wich worked out differenltly then it is today. In those days they used a system with a time code, you could qualify whenever you wanted on the server. With the system you got a time code and once you obtained the code you had x amount of time to log onto the server set a lap and get off the server within the amount of time we had for it and submit the laptime. After the session you couldnt see the laptimes, only the place that you where standing.

    Anyway i started this story because i stumbled across the Montreal vid i found from the 2005 race. That race was the only time that i had the raw pace to beat Dennis on track, if i remember corectly he never realy liked that track or in other meaning he doesnt go so well at Montreal. I cant realy remember wich starting position i had but once the race progressed it turned out that i was able to keep up with Dennis, we got close a few times when i got the chance to overtake him but didnt succeed but still was confident i could catch him for the lead at some point. Until i made a mistake in my final stop and lost valuable time, still managed to hold on 2nd place but in the end it was kinda disapointed because ater the race i realized that it was a missed chance to beat the champion on track. For me it was my only serious year in the World Championship in a difficult season for FSR but still having some nice memories from back in those years.

    I know there are many many new faces around here most only fimilair with rFactor so i thought i would post this story here from the pre rFactor era for a good read.:cool: Would be nice if some other old time members could post some memorable moments as well.

    Montreal 2005 >>
  2. Pedro Rodrigues

    Pedro Rodrigues

    Nice one Mark! Good read and video. ;)
  3. Andreas Umminger

    Andreas Umminger

    Very cool! Really enjoyed reading this and watching the vid.
    -> OMG the twister-car was always that ugly ;) LOL
  4. Martin Gosbee

    Martin Gosbee

    Now those are the onboard sounds I miss - RH04 :') I miss them :p
    If that is what it is xD
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