FSR Manager - Race Weekend Procedures

Originally written by Mikko Puumalainen.

This thread was made to make sure everyone knows what to do with the FSR Manager during Race Weekends.

What is FSR Manager?

FSR Manager is an exclusive tool of Formula SimRacing continuously being developed by Christian Smirnoff. FSR Manager is the most powerful anti-cheat tool available for rFactor, and the only tool that has seen continuous development for rFactor 2. For security reasons, details of FSR Manager's power will not be exposed.
The Manager produces logs of a driver's session for the Administrators to review. Every driver has to start rFactor 2 through the FSR Manager for every official event.

When you are about to join the server, follow this procedure:

1. Start the Manager (Located in your FSR2014Tools folder)
2. Set your root rFactor 2 install folder (for example: C:\Program Files (x86)\rFactor2)
3. Select your driver profile from the dropdown menu: (the Manager will automatically provide the choices of profiles available in the root rFactor folder which you set)
4. Select race number: (if you do not know which race it is, go on GPCOS and count from the race calendar)
5. Set server password: (visible in your personal GPCOS login area)
6. Click the "Run rFactor 2" button on the Manager (Always start rFactor 2 through this button, if you start rFactor 2 directly from Launcher, you will be Disqualified during the Post-Race checks)

The Manager has to be used in every official session. After setting these values for the first time, the rFactor 2 Folder and Driver Profile values will be saved, for future races you will only have to input the specific Race Number and Server Password.

If you have to leave the server and close rFactor 2 during an event (after Pre-Qualifying for Grid 2 for example), follow this procedure:

1. Click the "Exit" button on the Manager
2. Navigate to your FSR2014Tools\Logs folder
3. Rename the logfile (for example: "Mikko Puumalainen[Race 1].fsr" to "Mikko Puumalainen-PQ[Race 1].fsr")
4. When rejoining the server again, follow the normal starting procedure

Step #3 is very important so that you don't overwrite your logfile from the earlier session.

After the race is over, follow this procedure:

1. Click the "Exit" button on the Manager.
2. Follow the File Submit Procedures in this thread: File Submit Tool: Post-Race Instructions
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