FSR - Interview: Andreas Nilsson, Roaldo RedSpeed GtomegaRacing.com

Interview: Andreas Nilsson, Roaldo RedSpeed GtomegaRacing.com

During the season several Roaldo Racing / Roaldo RedSpeed drivers will tell more about themselves in an interview. This GP and just arrived at Silverstone, big brother Andreas Nilsson.

"Welcome to Silverstone Andreas!

Q: Simple first question, who is this Swedish simracer?
My name is Andreas Nilsson, 23 years old and live in the south of Sweden. I really enjoy sim-racing, especially with Formula-cars and have competed in some smaller leagues for two years now. By joining FSR I hope to get even more exciting sim-races

Q: How did you came in contact with FSR and the team Roaldo Racing?
Well, my brother began to race with Roaldo Racing this season, which made me interested to do the same. When I then got the opportunity to compete for the same team, I took it right away and haven’t regretted it since.

Q: Was it hard to settle in to the team and how was your first ever FSR race?
There has been no problem to get comfortable in the team; you get help with everything you need to know. Roald has been very helpful during these first weeks and I think I get along well with the other drivers too. My first race in FSR was really disappointing as I spun and stalled the engine just a few laps into the race. If I had kept cool I could have finished within the points.
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Q: So your brother, Fredrik, drivers in the WC, you have the ambition to drive WC in the future?
Yes, of course. I want to drive in WC one day, if I become quick enough. The ambition is always to get better and quicker, so maybe I can drive in the highest division in the future.

Q: You showed some good potential the last 3 races, you extented your contract with Roaldo Racing for 3 more races, what do you want to achieve for the remaining races in FSR?

The main goal right now is to take the chequered flag in a race, which I haven’t managed to do yet. When everything comes together for me and the team I may be able to challenge for a podium finish too. Otherwise, I just try to do my best and drive fair.

Andreas Nilsson is a great driver, very quick and very fair in the races so far. I believe he has the potential to grab podiums in the upcoming races, its good to have him onboard in the team.....but also great to have as a team mate as we push each other to the limits!
Good luck with the remainder of your contract Andreas and hope you extend further:)
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