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John-Eric Saxén

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Jan 31, 2010
This thread will be updated with all mod download information as the season progresses. Due to no practical support for rF2, SimSync will not be used in the 2014 season.

The following scheme highlights the mod distribution process: link

FSR CarMod

Server GetMod enabled
Manual download 1.5

Minimalist UI

Manual download


Bahrain International Circuit Manual download
Sepang International Circuit Manual download
Shanghai International Circuit Mirror1 (ACR) Mirror2 (Mega)
Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari Mirror1 (ACR)
Circuit Gilles Villeneuve Server GetMod enabled Mirror1 (ACR)
Silverstone Circuit Manual download (Mega) Mirror
Hockenheimring Manual download (ACR) Mirror (Mega)
Indianapolis Manual download
Monza Manual download
Melbourne Manual download
Suzuka Circuit Manual download
Circuit of the Americas Server GetMod enabled Manual download

FSR Manager + FileSubmit

Download 1.2 (updated 6/8/2014)
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John-Eric Saxén

Original poster
Jan 31, 2010

COTA modified by David Dominguez
- Fixed DRS zones
COTA modified by David Dominguez
- Tweaked textures
- Modified skybox
- Added DRS sessions rules and GBD change
- Loading screens by Eduard
- Change to some building visibility groups by JES
- 50% RR profile
Suzuka converted by JES
-Fixed starting light sequence
-Re-aligned virtual starting grid to better match physical one
Suzuka converted by JES
-Removed height difference between Degner 1 curb and astro, because some drivers or car setups could not handle it
-Fixed road bump map
-Slight increase in astro grip
-Fixed running fence shadows
-Slight change to realroad texture
Suzuka converted by JES
-Smoother high-resolution road + curb mesh
-Added realtime reflections
-Re-adjusted most textures for HDR
-Removed shadow objects and added dynamic shadows instead
-New road
-New realroad
-New grass
-New armco
-New adboards
-Some new grandstands and tower
-DRS zone and rules
-Corrected track geolocation
-Changed skybox background
-Adjusted cut warning thresholds
-Fixed AI line through some corners
-New trackside material grip settings
-Fixed countless bugs/issues
-Loading screens by Eduard
-50% Realroad profile
FSR car mod 1.5:
- Added new liveries/icons to GS, ISM, OSM, MC and ACR
- Added some tire compound track rules
Melbourne, changes by JES and textures/banners by Georg Winter
- Removed wall to bring extra pit box
- Increased to 26 garage locations
- Added xx lines to file in attempt to reduce game cut penalties
- Removed white line on exit of T12
- Added anti-cuts for turns 1,4 and 9 inside
- Decreased grass grip
- Edited color saturation
- Changed banners
- New loading pics by Eduard
Melbourne, changes by Georg Winter and JES
- Replaced realroad texture
- Replaced grass texture
- Replaced road texture
- Corrected pit boxes
- Corrected geolocation
- RR profile
Spa, changes by JES
- Removed some bumps from Radillon
- Placed pit garages that don't fit into boxes more sensibly
Spa, changes by JES
- Removed some bumps from Radillon
- Placed pit garages that don't fit into boxes more sensibly
Spa, changes by JES
- Remodeled Eau Rouge + Radillon
- Added DRS zone to S1
- New sponsor boards
- New tarmac
- New realroad texture
- More curb and grass grip
- Added some pit slots
Monza changes by Dominguez and JES
- New sponsor boards
- New tarmac
- New grass
- New realroad texture
- Fixed crash with more than 22 cars in pits
- Added tiny bit more grip to curbs and astro
Monza, edited by Tosch and JES:
- New realroad texture
- 50pct realroad file
- Lowered new tarmac parts excessive grip
- Added slightly more grip to curbs
- All session start times to 13:00 clock
Indianapolis final
Hockenheim final by David Dominguez:
- New textures (asphalt, grass, kerbs...)
- New pseudo-3d grass (can be turned off with lower track detail settings)
- Added sponsor logos
- Added 2 real road settings (25% and 50% base grip)
- Fixed DRS functionability (can be used now only in DRS section)
- Fixed some reported issues with cuts
- Fixed low grip of some offroad materials
FSR car mod 1.4:
- Reduced diffuser dirty air parameter
- Fixed wrong value which would result in pit stop times of 4.5 seconds instead of intended 3.5 seconds length
- Fixed bug with Victor Ivanov car
- Added icons to Beastmode racing car
- New/updated liveries

FSR Manager v7.1
- Now prepared to work with rFactor 2 Build 798
- Now compatible with JSON profiles and 32/64 bit rFactor 2 binaries
- Internal changes
Silverstone track
-Added 2nd DRS zone

FSR car mod 1.3: new liveries...

Canada final by David Dominguez:
-Added starting grid spots
-Added more scenary objects
-Added new trees
-Added white lines on pitlane exit
-Fixed "gripless materials" (gravel, some asphalt zones, pit exit white line)
-Texture tweaking (grass, walls, fences, asphalt)
-Added anti-cut tire walls for last chicane
-Increased wall height in T4 exit
-Tweaked some kerbs
Known issue: AI crashes on some curbs

Imola final by David Dominguez:
- Fixed track surface reflection bug when using road reflections
- Added sponsor logos
- Tweaks on grass and gravel textures
- Added DRS zone
Known issue: AI spins for no reason on some corner entries, tried to fix this but fix only worked partially
FSR car mod 1.2:
- Added new teams and updated existing
- Cars use more realistic fresnel specular and reflection shaders now
- Tweaked TVCOCKPIT cam to more realistic position
- Added some new tire compound restrictions
China final by David Dominguez:
-Added 30% realroad profile
-Astroturf grip fix
-Fixed "dark textures"
-New asphalt texture
-New grass texture
-Increased LOD out values in all scenary objects
-Most important objects of the track will cast dynamic shadows now
-Added DRS markers
-DRS minimum passes fix (it will activate on 3rd lap instead of 4th)
-Color correction tweaks on some textures
-Adjusted session time lenghts and start times
-Added 2nd group of track cameras
-Added initial version of Shangai converted and improved to rF2 by David Dominguez
Sepang final version by David Dominguez:
- updated tarmac texture
- adjusted session time lenghts
- added 2nd DRS zone, both physical and visual
- adjusted saturation of kerb textures
- Added Sepang (not final version!)
- Added secondary DRS detection zone
- 2013 DRS rules
- Increased MAS compression for smaller download
- Added NapoLotan and FTS Ace Panthers team skins
- Corrections to many skins...
- Added alternative general car
- Removed wrongly mapped collision sounds completely
- Removed launch control sound
- Removed random pitstop variable

- Added first version of FSR carmod
- Added vmod with minimalist UI 1.56 bundled

Initial version:
- Added 55 teams, 110 car liveries, 220 menu icons...
- Changed "DRS disabled" color to colorbind friendly
- Attempt to reduce external sounds from car contacts by tweaking attenuation
- New onboard TV-cam position
- New tire compound restrictions for FSR tracks
- New hard tire compound color
- Engine random lifetime feature removed
- Added Launch Control
- Fixed overshiny helmets
- Removed some vehicle upgrade options that did nothing anyway on FSR tracks
- Addressed a complaint of random pit lane speeding penalties by adding 1 km/h overspeed tolerance to .rfm
- Added Bahrain by McNolo, adapted to FSR by David Dominguez and Eduard Mallorqui

-Fixed track race date
-Fixed track session start times
-Fixed track geolocation
-Fixed track anti-cut system
-Added new tarmac texture
-Added new rubbered line textuer
-Fixed over-saturation of some textures
-Fixed grid starting position texture
-Added sponsor logos
-Tweaked track fog variables
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Chris Knight

Apr 29, 2010
some reason I have to have all cars tracks on to find them :s any idea why also the servers gone down again

Jarl Teien

Dec 16, 2010
Is it possible to get another link, the current one is a little slow. No panic though 40min download :p

John-Eric Saxén

Original poster
Jan 31, 2010
There will be one more carmod version out with some fixes. Teams that want to fix something from previous version have chance until Tuesday night / Wednesday morning to submit something. After that there will not be updates in a while.

Matt Sentell

Jul 28, 2012
Is this 'FSR Manager' software mentioned in the General Rules Document still forthcoming, or am I missing something in my noobness? I'm referring to this:

12.4 The game must be run through the 'FSR Manager' software provided by the Administration in the Installation Guide. Drivers must correctly set their rFactor 2 folder, their driver name, track they are participating at and type the server password. This software must be left running during the complete event (Practice, Q1, Q2, Warmup and Race). If your game crashes during an event, make sure you close the manager, make a copy of the created logfile and then restart the manager before rejoining.

John-Eric Saxén

Original poster
Jan 31, 2010
Unless something goes wrong plan is to enforce use of FSR Manager as in past. Christian Smirnoff is currently working on adapting it for rF2. Will be provide a download.
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steve dent

Nov 9, 2010
i need the car v 1.0 sound 1.0 and talent v 1.0 can anyone help me with a download link ty all the best steve

John-Eric Saxén

Original poster
Jan 31, 2010
They are already included in the multi component file I have linked to (first download link on page). Install that in mod manager and it installs car, sound and talent.
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